NBC uses Jackson Hole as PyeongChang stand-in for Olympic VIP’s

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – For the first time since it has been covering the Olympics beginning in 1988, NBC will host its network VIP advertisers off-location. Way off.

Instead of traveling to PyeongChang, South Korea, the network’s heavy-hitters will be wined-and-dined in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

As far back as June it was rumored NBC was looking for another destination to host its advertising VIPs, citing security issues amid tensions between North and South Korea. Network reps insist now the move was made due to a lack of accommodations in PyeongChang so Olympic Village was scrapped in favor of Teton Village where many of the network’s prized sponsors are staying at the Four Seasons.

NBC has reportedly booked the Center for the Arts to host at a few dignitary gatherings during the Winter Olympics.

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