More public input sought on air ambulance pricing, Medicaid waiver

WYOMING – State authorities are still soliciting input from residents regarding their thoughts, ideas and perspectives on a proposed Medicaid waiver plan for Wyoming air ambulance services during upcoming public meetings or online.

Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) added two public meetings in Torrington on September 3 from 11 am to 1 pm at the Goshen County Library Activity Center, and in Laramie on September 5 from 5-7 pm on the University of Wyoming campus in the Wyoming Union Senate Chambers.

Comments may also be made online.

The waiver would expand Wyoming Medicaid to all state residents for the specific purpose of air ambulance transportation. Waiver goals include:

  • Eliminating the surprise billing of patients
  • Reducing the average cost of air ambulance flights while ensuring a set level of access and quality
  • Increasing price transparency for patients and employer groups

Under the plan, WDH would competitively bid for a selected network of air ambulance providers, make periodic flat payments (similar to a gym membership) to these contracted providers and then recoup the revenue needed to fund the system from the insurance plans and individuals already paying for transports.

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