Local youth to join nationwide protest on behalf of the environment

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – A groundswell teen movement demanding action on climate change is gaining steam and will be on full display this Friday in Jackson.

The United States Youth Climate Strike is a unified event taking place across the country this Friday, March 15. Students everywhere plan to protest, contact representatives, and rally for local, state, and national governmental action concerning protection of the environment.

Strikers will first meet with the Alliance. They will then head to US Senator Mike Enzi’s Jackson office on Maple Way at 12:30pm, before wrapping up on the town square at about 2:30pm. (Courtesy)

Organizers locally include Jackson Hole high School students Rosalie Daval and Sienna Taylor. They informed Buckrail that the plan is for participating students to begin the day of the strike working on a volunteer project for a local environmental nonprofit. They will then write letters and call legislators and protest on the Jackson town square.

At this point, the Jackson youth-led call-to-action event is the only known youth strike planned in the state of Wyoming but there may be others in the works.

“We are striking to call on our legislators to support conservation efforts, prioritize sustainable infrastructure, and invest in renewable energy sources,” Daval stated in a prepared release. “The economic and environmental costs of climate change will only increase with our legislators’ inaction. Wyoming’s future depends on these measures.”

Organizers added that while the movement is a nationwide campaign, Wyoming is uniquely positioned to lead the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

“Our lawmakers will not have to bear the long-term consequences of their actions, but our generation will. We call on them to take responsibility for our future and the future of our state,” Daval added.

Students participating in the strike will be absent from school for the entire day Friday. Daval said it is important to fill the day with important activities that transcend, for one day at least, anything that can be learned in a classroom.

Jackson Hole High School Principal Scott Crisp said the school will not be making any accommodations or schedule adjustments for any students that may miss class on Friday. Any absences will be respected if they come with prior parental permission.

Haven Coleman, 12, will be striking in Denver this Friday.

WHERE: 1110 Maple Way (Senator Mike Enzi’s office and the local post office), and the Jackson town square boardwalk.
WHEN: March 15, 2019. All day: volunteering in the morning TBD, meet at 1110 Maple way at 12:30pm, protest at the town square at 2:30pm.
WHO: Young people and students from across Wyoming who are concerned about the impacts of climate change. Community members are also encouraged to join.

The mission statement of US Youth Climate Strike

We, the youth of America, are striking because decades of inaction have left us with just 11 years (or less) to solve the climate crisis. We are striking because the necessary action to achieve the common-sense and vital goal of fighting climate change is not being prioritized. We are striking because marginalized communities across our nation are already disproportionately impacted by climate change, yet, few people in positions of power have acknowledged this reality, and even fewer have begun to confront it appropriately.

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