Lights out on Broadway: Walgreens comes down tomorrow

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Town officials approved a fourth and final amendment to Nelson Engineering’s construction services in the amount of $383,355. With a legal review completed by town attorneys, and both Walgreens and Hillside Development Group on board, demolition on Walgreens will begin Tuesday morning at 8 am.

“Are we going to sell tickets for that demolition?” quipped Mayor Pete Muldoon during a meeting Monday night.

“It will not be very fun,” public works director Larry Pardee said. “We are going to be very strategic about the demolition to preserve elements of the structure for auction.”

Jim Stanford took the opportunity to once more—and seemingly in finality—make the promise that “we are finally going to turn the lights out on Walgreens,” referring to interior lights that have remained on all night, every night, as stipulated by Walgreens’ insurance policy.

The current FY2017 budget and available funding for Budge Slide mitigation includes 5th Cent Capital Fund: $2,982,229; SPET 2016: $6,000,000; Walgreens funds $1,000,000; Water Fund: $340,800 for pump station replacement and waterline reconstruction; sewer fund: $65,000 for the reconstruction of the sewer mains.

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