The challenge is divided into two age groups, adults aged 18 and up; and kids in grades Kindergarten to 12th grade. Photo: Nick Sulzer // Buckrail

JACKSON, Wyo. — The Teton County Library is challenging the community to read 22 books by the year’s end.

The aim of the  22 in 22 community reading challenge is to help participants explore new titles and authors and read more diversely. The challenge will keep track of the books individuals read and participants will complete reading activities. Additionally, readers will have the chance to win prizes.

“We see library patrons who read many more than 22 books in a year, and those who read less. We also pay attention to national surveys that show people of all ages saying they read less for pleasure than they used to,” said Kip Roberson, Director of Library Services. “We thought it would be fun to help folks like this rediscover reading through a community challenge.”

The challenge is divided into two age groups, adults aged 18 and up; and kids in grades Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Participants can join the challenge in two ways, by logging the titles they read into an online tracker here or on the Beanstack app; or by keeping track on a paper log they can pick up a the library or download here..

What to read? It’s up to the individual, but for those who want to break out of a reading bubble, or aren’t quite sure where to begin, library staff has put together a list of 22 reading activities, ranging from the general (“read a book you pick up from a library display”) to the more specific (“read a memoir or biography”).

Those who use the reading activities to choose their books will be entered into monthly raffles, and those who complete all 22 reading activities will be entered into a grand prize drawing at the end of the year. Everybody who logs in any 22 books they’ve read by Dec. 31, 2022 gets a 22 in 22 reading challenge prize.

Library staff offers further help finding books to read at any of the service desks or give more in-depth suggestions through the personal librarian service. Readers can fill out a short form of likes and dislikes here, and receive a list of suggested titles in return.

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