Following a snow report of 4″ on Monday morning and 5″ on Tuesday morning, the Rendezvous Bowl plot at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has broken it’s all-time January snowfall record, dating back to 1975!  The Rendezvous Bowl plot, located on the upper mountain at an elevation of 9,580 feet, has now recorded 155 inches of snow since January 1st, breaking the old record of 150 inches that was set in 1998.  With three days left in the month, we will continue to add to the January 2020 snowfall total as well.

Here is a look at the daily snowfall graph for the Rendezvous Bowl plot since January 1st.  There have been only four days this month in which no measurable snowfall was recorded.  The period from January 9th-15th saw the heaviest snowfall, but consistent light snow has continued to add up since then.



How does this January stack up to past January’s?  The long-term average snowfall for the month of January at the Rendezvous Bowl plot is 84 inches, so we will come close to doubling that average this year.

Here is a list of the top 5 snowiest January’s at the Rendezvous Bowl plot, dating back to 1975.

Rendezvous Bowl Plot – Snowiest January’s dating back to 1974:

  • 2020 – 155 inches* (preliminary total through January 28th)
  • 1998 – 150 inches
  • 2006 – 136 inches
  • 2008 – 133 inches
  • 1996 – 131 inches
  • Average – 84 inches

Amazingly, this is the second year in a row that the Rendezvous Bowl Plot has broken a monthly snowfall record.  Last year, in February 2019, the Rendezvous Bowl plot broke its February snowfall record with 193 inches recorded during the month.

While the new January snowfall record at Rendezvous Bowl is undoubtedly impressive, we can’t entirely conclude that 2020 is the snowiest January on record at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  The reason is that the Raymer Plot (elevation 9,360 feet) and the Mid-Mountain Plot (8,180 feet) also have recorded snowfall for many years, and 2020 is not the snowiest January on record at either location.

For comparison sake, here are the top 5 snowiest January’s at the Raymer Plot, with records dating back to 1998.

Raymer Plot (9,380 feet) – Snowiest January’s dating back to 1998:

  • 1998 – 181 inches
  • 1999 – 176 inches
  • 2020 – 156 inches* (preliminary total through January 28th)
  • 2000 – 155 inches
  • 2006 – 154 inches
  • Average – 101 inches

The 156 inches of snow recorded at the Raymer Plot so far puts 2020 in 3rd place.  While we are expecting more snow over the next three days, it is unlikely that the record of 181 inches set in 1998 will be broken.

The Mid-Mountain Plot at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has records dating back to 1975, similar to Rendezvous Bowl.  At the moment, 2020 is “only” in 9th place for January snowfall at this location with 114 inches so far.  With a few days left in the month, 2020 could still climb the ranks but will not challenge the overall record.

Mid-Mountain Plot (8,180 feet) – Snowiest January’s dating back to 1974:

  • 1996 – 145 inches
  • 2006 – 140 inches
  • 1998 – 137 inches
  • 1997 – 121 inches
  • 1999 – 121 inches
  • Average – 81 inches

Taking a look at the season as a whole, the January 2020 weather pattern has boosted a snowpack that was below average at the end of December, to one that is now above average.  Current snow depth at the Rendezvous Bowl and Raymer Plots on Jackson Hole’s upper mountain is about 113 percent of average, while the snow depth at mid-mountain is 103 percent of average.

Surprisingly, the snow depth at the bottom of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village is currently only 90 percent of average, which is at least partially a result of recent warm temperatures over the past week.



Buckrail Meteorologist Alan Smith

Alan is a professional meteorologist who holds a degree from MSU Denver and writes weather forecasts for Buckrail. He has worked in the private sector of weather forecasting since 2013 and has lived in Jackson since 2015. Alan specializes in mountain weather and forecasts for ski areas across North America.