TETON VALLEY, IDA – With a decision presumably looming sometime this summer, a state lawmaker has weighed in on the controversial issue of whether to keep or change the Redskins mascot name for Teton High School.

Rep. Chad Christensen-R of HD32, which covers Victor and Driggs, says tradition is important and he, for one, is “fed up with political correctness and oversensitivity.”

“I stand with those that support keeping tradition. The term ‘Redskin’ did not originate as a negative term. In fact, Native Americans used the term themselves! It is a very literal term,” Christensen stated on social media. “I support Teton Valley using the name and the mascot at their high school, in honor of the Native American!”

Christensen also said he plans to attend a ‘Save the Redskins’ rally on June 4. Participants of the event scheduled for 7-9pm at the Teton High School gym are encouraged to wear their Redskins gear and display similar signage.

The Teton County School District board of trustees will meet July 8 to hear public comment and perhaps make a definitive decision on the mascot name, which has been downplayed in recent years and used mainly in connection with the high school football team.