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Pete Muldoon on Bobby Pura: “He had no connection to the campaign. We almost never talk. But he did call me from out of town this summer and said he thought he could get the band on The Late Show. That turned into them doing an interview here instead.” (CBS, The Late Show)

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Buckrail has learned that the man purporting to be the roommate of Mayor Pete Muldoon in a taping of a short feature used on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert recently is, in fact, a Hollywood reality TV director/producer who likely had a hand in getting the segment on the air.

“He had no connection to the campaign. We almost never talk. But he did call me from out of town this summer and said he thought he could get the band on The Late Show. That turned into them doing an interview here instead.”

Bobby Pura (Facebook)

Bobby Pura ‘played’ the mayor’s roommate on the taped segment for The Late Show called “American Voices & Also Faces: Jackson Hole, Wyoming.” Muldoon called Pura a “semi-fictional” character who has spent a total of about 20 days at his place this past year.

“In one sense, he’s the perfect roommate. He is never in town,” Muldoon said. “That was important to me since I live in a really small two-bedroom apartment but needed someone to help pay the rent. I’d never met him. I’m pretty sure he actually lives in LA and just claims residency here for tax purposes.”

Pura lives in Venice, California where he’s made a career in the film/TV industry. He is best known for his work on Jackass: The Movie (2002)Project MyWorld (2006), and Feeding Frenzy (2008). Pura is a segment producer who has worked for MTV, NBC, and other independent syndicates to produce and package television segments similar to the one airing on The Late Show last Thursday night, December 7.

Pura was also welcomed to the administration of Teton Gravity Research in 2015, when he was named TGR’s executive producer and head of production.

Mayor Pete Muldoon with a CBS logo on the front and a target on his back. (CBS, The Late Show)

Muldoon acknowledged Pura had contacts at CBS where he presumably pitched and packaged the segment for The Late Show producers. A local production crew (Tower 3 Productions) did the onsite filming in Jackson.

Pura’s acquaintance was not a member of the campaign team, according to Muldoon. (CBS, The Late Show)

Muldoon said he takes personal objection to Pura’s contention in the segment’s interview that the ‘roommate’ was involved in his mayoral campaign in any way. Muldoon said the crass objectification of women played up in the piece is something he is adamantly opposed to.

“I’m particularly angry about the false statement that I was involved in campaign tactics that used women as props,” Muldoon told Buckrail. “That’s antithetical to me. And to all the people who are saying ‘lighten up, it’s just a joke’—well, I don’t think that’s something to joke about. Those kind of jokes serve to normalize and perpetuate all sorts of abuse against women, and The Late Show should have known better than to gratuitously add them in for cheap laughs.”

The mayor added that he only agreed to take part in the production believing it would focus mainly on his decision to remove the president’s portrait from town hall, and the ‘friendly’ tete-a-tete it set off between the liberal-leaning mayor and Tyler Lindholm, a conservative Wyoming lawmaker from across the state. Lindholm was subsequently edited completely out of the bit.

Tyler Lindholm expounds from a perch on the town square as a film crew hovers. His interview hit the cutting room floor. (Tower 3 Productions Facebook)

“I was told by the producers that the story was going to be about ‘portrait-gate’ and how the reaction to it—including me getting fired from a job and getting death threats—was really ridiculous,” Muldoon shared. “I was hoping there would be some good jokes about that, even if they were at my expense. I was going to be a good sport about it. I don’t know what happened behind the scenes with Bobby and the producers. But I wasn’t expecting that someone I don’t really know and who has zero connection to my campaign, or even the community, would end up appearing in the skit making false statements.”

The show has sparked an uptick in email communication to the mayor and other town officials much like the original ‘portrait-gate’ did. Some three dozen emails have been received by the town to date trending from some calling for the mayor to resign to a majority showing support for Muldoon.

Phone and email attempts to contact Pura went unanswered.