…and the mailbag bursts. Fallout from ‘Portraitgate’

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Mayor Pete Muldoon’s decision to remove President Trump’s portrait from Town Hall and replace it with one of Chief Washakie has certainly elicited an enormous amount of commentary in its wake.

In an effort to put a “finger on the pulse” of the feedback, Buckrail has made the decision to publish all of the email correspondence received by town electeds to this point. In light of “reports” that the mayor is receiving death threats, and the town is being flooded with phones calls, particularly those claiming they have or will cancel their travel plans to Jackson, we thought it prudent to list every email received by the town council or mayor.

These emails are unfiltered and unedited with the exception of removing some personal information regarding the senders. Their emails are a matter of public record since they are sent to a public official but we felt it best to leave out last names, full addresses, or contact information.

Some of these responses are in support of the mayor’s decision. Some are not. We thought it important to see the entirety of opinions and reactions to best gauge public sentiment regarding this controversy.

The following emails are only those received to far. They continue to pour in. We had to have a cutoff at some point.

My family and I will not be spending one or one dime in your city ever again.   Despicable.

Terri B.

Goodby Jackson hole

No more vacations there

Timothy S.

Good Morning
We were planning a vacation to Jackson Hole in August. We were excited to see the area. Due to the fact that you remove a portrait of Our President we are cancelling our vacation to Jackson Hole. We find it a disgrace that President Trump was elected by our democracy and you take it upon yourself to disrespect our choices. Really surprising coming from Wyoming. We only expect that from places like Hollywood. I hope due to your decision many others boycott your town.  Too bad that your personal problems are going to affect the tourists that would be spending money in your community.
Thank you,
Todd P.

Dear Mayor Muldoon and Vice Mayor Stanford,
I have just finished reading a news article about President Trump’s picture being removed and replaced with Chief Washakie. My step mom was Navaho and Lakota Sioux , now as I am 72 in August I do recall some teaching about the great Chiefs and his name comes to me. He belongs there, good for you and thank you.
I hope your days are sunny,
Will S.
Tucson, AZ

I have cancelled my vacation plans to Jackson Hole due to your spineless, un-American decision not to display our President’s portrait. Honor the office even if you disagree with the person holding the office. Obama, Bush, Clinton…..do you really think our country is better served by local officials deciding who to honor and who not to honor (and, consequently, to disrespect)?  I have issues with President Trump, but I also had issues with President Obama; however, we are all Americans, and respect to politicians elected by ‘we, the people’ is vital to the rule of law and our Constitution. Pathetic and disappointing that you feel otherwise.
John W.

Dresher, PA

Dear Mayor,
You called our President a dictator. Wyoming as you know gave Trump the largest state win along with Idaho and he was duly elected.
In protest I just went to my garage and snapped my favorite Fenton fly pole in two. I have fished there for 60 years…since I was 11. Only skied the hill once.
I did not vote for President Obama either time yet I called him MY PRESIDENT and wished him the very best. What was good for him was good for us.
Bill M.
White Mountains, Arizona

Mayor Muldoon,
I have frequented Jackson Hole many times over the years.  I have given a lot on money to the Wort Hotel and local businesses.  This will stop now
based on your decision to not display the portrait of our current president.  I know you could care less about a few thousand dollars but I believe it shows incredible immaturity on your part.
Wally M.

Thanks for making clear that you don’t respect the office of the President of the USA.  Mr. Trump was elected by the people, and even though you may disagree with it you as a elected public official must represent all of the people of your town. We all may never agree with everyone but the people we disagree with should be heard and given a voice. I voted for Mr. Trump and I also disagree with him sometime, I will give him a honest chance to bring this country back to the full greatness of all the people. You removed Mr. Trump picture showing how low some people will go to achieve their agenda. So disagree with Mr. Trump, but give  the same respect that you would want your person that you wanted to be president.  My wife and I was planning to visit you town on our trip out west later this year, but I will have to give a great deal of though, not because of your decision of removing Mr. Tump’s picture but your close mind of not willing to work with a person that you disagree with. God Bless, Terry DeHarte

What gives you the right to take down the portrait of Donald Trump and you have the ugly picture of obummer up for 8 freaking years.. I would say you are a racist to our President.  Shame on you and I will not be back to Jackson Hole ever again and bad mouth you all and I have lots of conservative friends.
Boycott jackson hole sure isn’t the jackson I used to go to.  You all must be from new york or california another city ruined

Terry M.

Mayor Muldoon, Your refusal to display the portrait of our duly elected president reflects your weak and unfair character.  One can tell a lot more about a person’s true personality after a loss than after a win.  You are obviously a shallow, insecure and childish individual.  I hope you’re town’s businesses don’t mind that you have effectively insulted roughly half of the population that won’t be spending money in your town. You’re refusal to display the portraits will not change the fact that President Trump will keep working to achieve our agenda.  You will benefit as well as our country becomes economically stronger, no thanks to you and your tantrums.
Sincerely, Dave S.

So, no deplorables I guess…suit yourselves. We will go elsewhere.
V. Thomas

You sir are an idiot and a disgrace as a public servant.  You should resign from your position.  As a police officer I had to do things I did not agree with but did them anyway.  You took an oath which is obviously meaningless to you.  People like you are the reason Donald Trump is our president. Furthermore, he is your president too whether you like it not.  That sir is democracy and exactly why you should resign.

Vincent D.

To Mayor Muldoon,
It is unfortunate you feel you have the right to speak for the rest of the people of Jackson Hole by imposing your lack of respect for America and the Office of the President of the United States by selectively removing President Trump and VP Pence portraits.
You were not voted into office to impose your liberal ideas or feelings and stain the rest of the good people of Jackson Hole.
Therefore, after being a yearly visitor to Jackson Hole, my family and I who voted for President Trump and have always respected the office regardless who was voted in because  because this is how I was raised by my God fearing parents in this great country of ours will no longer visit Jackson Hole. You should be ashamed of yourself for creating a black mark on Jackson Hole.
Doug W.

I am cancelling my bi-annual trip to Jackson Hole for your Mayors PARTISAN behavior (sore loser) towards the office of the President of the United States and President Trumps photo.
Disgusting to think anyone would believe this is non-partisan. You should be ashamed.

Valerie A.

Mr Muldoon’s decision not to replace the portrait of the last US President with that of his successor and Mayor Muldoon’s asinine comments on his decision show a gross lack of respect for the office of President and an arrogant disregard for the American voter.  I have cancelled plans for a family vacation in your city because I do not believe I would be welcome. I will, of course, apprise the hotel, car rental company, etc. as to the reason for my cancellations.

Tony M.

Perhaps your Chamber of Commerce will convey the revenue impacts Mr. Muldoon has caused and others like us will now consider to take their business elsewhere as well.
Troy W.

We will not be spending our money in your town anymore due to the disrespect shown for our duly elected President and Vice President.  Your mayor is pushing his personal bias on the rest of us and this should not be tolerated.

Ty M.

I read the mayor’s decision to remove the presidents portrait and call our freely elected president a dictator. Wow shocking. His excuse was weak, particularly since President Obama’s portrait was rightfully hung on a wall as well.  While he is correct your town is not required to hang it up.  Neither am I or my friends required to choose your community for our annual ski trip. Too bad.  15 guys for a week spend some decent coin.  We’ll be sure to share our thoughts with other skiing friends to encourage them to choose a different ski hill resort this year.   I’m sure your local coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, etc will be pleased to know that the mayor stepped on a land mine he didn’t have to bother with and directly cost them tourist dollars. Well done
Todd E.

I suspect you do not care but we just learned of your desire to not hang the President of the United States picture. Your choice.
I just cancelled my 2 weeks RV reservation and all the monies that go with it. My choice.
In case you do not know your geography or your politics, there are 47 other states to travel to.
You my friends have shown your progressives asses to be just that.
Vote with your money… Bam… your town businesses should be happy loosing a few thousand dollars thanks to you. And don’t forget social media.
Tom S.

My group of 15 is in the process of cancelling reservations for hotels in Jackson due to a decision by your Mayor to not honor our current president with his picture on display.  A single person or governing body does not the right to do this.  Our group would have spent over $25K on this trip and we are now in the process of changing plans to Montana.
The arrogance of elected officials continues to baffle many Americans, especially those that in essence, voted against that in the last election.
Tom F.

I am canceling plans to visit the Jackson area this fall due to the stupidity and childish behavior of your mayor in removing president Trump’s photo from city hall.  The photo should have never been removed once it had been put up.  I will spend my vacation dollars where all Americans are shown respect and avoid divisive places like Jackson, Wyoming.
Tim D. – Omaha

We will not be taking any vacations to your city in the near future. Half of the country voted and like Pres Trump so your actions infuriate half the United States.

Tammy S.

Bravo, Mr. Mayor! As Canadians, we have been watching in horror at the divisiveness and disarray currently infecting your federal government. It is heartbreaking in many ways. We have made the decision to avoid spending the majority of our tourist dollars in any place that fully supported Trump. Your county’s courage in rejecting the hate is a beacon during a very dark time. We are hoping that, with careful planning, we’ll be able to visit your lovely town.
Sharon and Chris M.
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Your Honor,
Educational opportunities to consider could be respect, getting along with those we disagree with, or tolerance.
Further, you could interrogate what a dictatorship is and compare what you think President Trump has done to that standard.  You could also compare what you have done in your town to that standard.
Best wishes as you pursue your political goals,
Russ H.

You are either stupid or ignorant, or both, in any case you are not worth listening to because you are just flat wrong!
Trump is not a dictator, the Dems are. Where were you during the last 8 years.
Your state is off my list to vacation!
A Texan and proud of it!

Mayor Muldoon,
I’m sure you’re denying any disrespect for our President .. but really .. “we’re not a dictatorship” … Pretty feeble.  At least be a man and say you can’t stand Trump .. and take your lumps … but don’t disrespect the office.
Rich S.

Funny…. your office has been hanging pictures of the president of the united state since the 80’s right. Now you choose to take down this presidents picture. True his politics are not liberal politics, but that should not be your reason for your decision and that is your only reason. You talk dictator, where was a vote for this?

Just watched Fox News. Tell me its not true, the village idiot took it upon him self to take down the picture of the president united state. Just because you don’t like his politics you decide to cry and have a fit. You and your office do not speak for me or my family. What gives you the right to make that decision? Grow up and try to be the adults in the room, if possible.

Randy K.
Jackson resident and full time adult

We are former Wyoming residents who have been to your lovely town many times. Rest assured, unless you restore the portrait of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, to grace the Jackson, Wyoming town hall, no longer will me or any family members, many of whom still live in Wyoming and ski in winter on your slopes spend one dime visiting Jackson ever again.
It seems to me that it is not our President who is the hypocrite, rather, it is your town.
Robert and Katharine M.

Watch as me and others spend their tourist money elsewhere. Like it or not he is The President of The United States of America.
Rick T.

Well Pete, until you learn some manners your town has lost my tourist dollars and I hope those of others.  The pettiness of people like you are why our country cannot get along.  Enjoy your 15 minutes in the spotlight.

Robert G.

Dear Mr Mayor
Just want to say what a petty vindictive little man you are. You sure told Pres Trump didn’t you. You must be soooo proud of yourself.  We whom do not see Reds under every bed see them now! You opened our eyes with your classy intellectual persuasion. I bet all the children in your town are so grateful for teaching them how to respect authority and the revered Office of the Presidency of the United States Of America. Their parents salute you. Wyoming salutes you. Obama’s photo salutes you. You are an inspiration.
Mr and Mrs Stan D.

Shame on you for disrespecting the offices of our duly elected leaders.  Does not matter if you like the individuals or not, your actions are disrespectful and unpatriotic.
Bob J.
Proud American

Some decisions you don’t make for the public.

Richard R.

Dear elected officials of Jackson Hole, do to your disrespectful attitude towards our elected President and Vice President I will no longer visit your town. You chose to hang a picture of President Obama at your city hall and arguably he was one of the most corrupt divisive racially motivated Presidents in our history and you have the gall to call President Trump a dictator. In the simplest terms, I don’t believe President Trump has named one Czar to any position in the government, strangely just the use of the term by Obama moved our Country closer to the socialist agenda that he pushed and apparently you like. Obama was non-inclusive and sowed hatred between races and the police forces charged with enforcing laws. His agenda included the enforcement of laws differently between legal citizens and illegal aliens that have entered our country. Obama called the Fort Hood massacre, “work place violence” and refused to even acknowledge that the terrorist muslim that committed the crime was exactly that. I can go on and on about Obama but that would be a waste of time obviously. President Trump has been in office five months and from the start the liberal/fascists such as yourselves have been out to get him because he and the people that elected him differ with your views, you have continued to take our country to new lows and politicized virtually everything in our government in a negative way. You have a beautiful town and area but the majority of people who call it home primarily for tax reasons (see rich people avoiding taxes which apparently is okay with you as long as you are not the president or a conservative). You should stick to promoting your town and region and keep your nose out of national politics because believe it or not there are a lot of conservative minded people that have money to spend and they can choose to spend it anywhere they like.
Thank you,
Rich C.

I have just read where the president of the United States portrait was transferred & was stated by the mayor of Jackson hole that it had no educational  value. I think this is a disgrace & will not be staying 2 weeks in Jackson Hole this summer like I have for the last 10 years. We obviously have different values. I have canceled my reservations this year.

Ray J.

How dare you remove the portrait of our elected President and Vice President!  It’s so interesting to see the intolerance of liberal politicians like yourself when you disagree with opponents from across the aisle!  I had never heard of you before this political stunt of yours but after Googling your name it’s clear from your Facebook page that your Obama era poster of your face puts you straight in line with our previous President.  The portraits you removed are an age old AMERICAN tradition sir.  You need to do some growing up and learn to deal with defeat, the guys/gals you wanted to win lost!  Get over it!  In 4 years you will get another chance!  I never liked seeing the portraits of the former President/Vice President whom I did not cast my vote for in the previous 2 elections.  Never did it cross my mind that anyone had the right to remove their portraits as they earned the right to be there displayed for all to see as respect to the Office of the President.
My family and I make a yearly 1 week ski trip usually to Colorado.  Next year I was going to plan a trip to Jackson Hole as we have heard so many good reviews of the skiing out there.  Sir I can assure you have officially lost my patronage with you petty politics, Colorado will again benefit from our vacation.  Your childish nonsense is what caused the demise of the democrats this past election!  Go ahead, keep it up cause you will loose again in 2020.
Say no to Dictator Muldoon!!!!


Mayor, Just in case you have been out of touch with the country it is
still a democracy complete with a congress which has not been shut down.
Trump was elected not by a military coup. I suggest you change your TV
viewing to Fox and leave CNN occasionally. You should be ashamed and
move to Canada or Mexico where you are more suited to live.


We wanted to personally thank Pete Muldon for helping us choose our vacation. I will no longer spend my vacation’s in a town that does not recognize our president. We will spend our money elsewhere.

Ray B.

Guess I won’t be spending any tourist dollars in Jackson

Randall H.

You are a pos anti American for not putting up our BELOVED PRESIDENT TRUMPS PICTURE!!!! You should resign immediately!!!! What kind of libtard are you? A cockroach!!!! We the TRUE AMERICANS WILL EXPOSE YOU AND YOU TREASONOUS ACTS!!!


Sorry Mr Mayor, your actions have convinced me that I will not plan my vacation in your community,  nor pay for accommodations in your jurisdiction, nor buy food, gas or or sundries from your businesses. There are many places I would rather explore, so I will take my money elsewhere.
You complain about “dictators”, perhaps you should look in the mirror. My understanding is that you removed a portrait of Donald Trump (POTUS).  I have read nothing to inform me of a city council vote, or a community referendum authorizing this action.  When one person makes a unilateral decision, it reminds me of dictators. Hmmmmm…….
Gail G.

Mayor Muldoon:
I just read the weekend headline in the Jackson News – the fact that you replaced the portraits of Donald Trump and Mike Pence in favor of Chief Washakie.
I can understand your disappointment with the results of the recent election- but I do not believe using your elected position to voice your own personal grievance benefits the town of Jackson- or the hardworking people who try to make a living here.
There is a saying- little actions can have big consequences- portraying Jackson as a center for partisan politics only degrades the image of Jackson- and hurts the businesses who rely upon tourist dollars for their existence.
People have choices when they plan their vacations- actions such as these do not endear people to Jackson- people go on vacations to get away from the chaos of the real world- and the nonstop political bantering they hear on TV every night.
We have to “pick our battles” wisely- this is a battle in which there are no winners- 50% of the people are happy you did it- 50% are offended. We need 100% of “our guests” to love Jackson- and want to spend their precious vacation dollars here!
Jackson has so much to be proud of- gaining national notoriety for something like this only taints that.   We should be making our impact by all the positive things we are doing- not by the controversies we create.
Lastly- If you feel so strongly about Chief Washakie- I say display his image as well- I think you made your case for that.
Paul G.

Just cancelled a trip to Jackson.  Maybe some other time.
Paul G.
Martinez, GA

You know it has been on Facebook today about your removing our president’s  picture from your office building. I live in North Carolina and frankly so sick of behavior like yours across America from elected officials. You are causing great division and it is inexcusable. And I ask why! Because your desired elected official list the presidency???? We have dealt for right long years with a president who like you tried to bring division. He almost destroyed America and now we have a leader who has done more in the past few months to bring about change. Then something like Facebook educates us into what you did in Wyoming to degrade our president. It sickens me. For all of you who went along with your mayor you sicken me! For all those across America in the Democratic Party trying to stir unrest against our elected president they should be put in time out because that is how it looks to us who do care about America. You are childish and as adults should be put in time out. I was. I was an elected official some years ago and I would have said the same thing to our mayor sho behaved like you. Certainly not with integrity and as a leader should! P. Hager of North Carolina

Patty H.

My family and I will not be returning to your town again until you show our current president the same respect you paid the last one.

Patrick M.

We have been skier for a long time and travel to different mountains every year.  It had been a while since we had been to Jackson Hole and it was on the lists of possibilities for 2018.
That was until I saw that you removed the picture of President Trump.  If your goal is to play politics then you are not by kinda ski mountain.
Sorry to see such one side politics.  Either you display the Presidents of America or you don’t but don’t pick and choose as if you have home Holy Insight.
Pat S.

I’m curious if in the past you always put up the president and vice presidents photos and if so don’t you find it disrespectful to take down our current presidents photograph. You should be ashamed! To be truly happy you not only have to give up the belief that it will happen, but the wish that it would.

Patty B.

Your maggot (mayor) is a piece of shit tell that fake cow puncher to list 1 act that has been put into law by POTUS that has hurt a single American. Oh really it’s about undoing your mayors god, the terrorist he loved so much, anti American and un American laws and actual dictator like EDICTS from osama Obama
Thanx a lot, Steve C.

You will display a portrait of sitting president Obama but refuse to allow Trumps portrait?  I can assure you that myself and my family will never spend a nickel anywhere near Jackson.  I’ll also do my best to make other potential Jackson visitors aware of this.
Milton R.

Wow, really tough statement cowboy. Removing the photo of your president from town hall and replacing it with an Indian… who lost! So much for visiting your little backward town again. We can make America great again, but so much for Jackson. Hahahahahahahahahaha, soooo funny.

Nick S.

I just finished reading an article regarding your decision to replace Trump’s picture with one of Chief Washakie and felt the need to write. I do not live in your town or even on your side of the country but I applaud your decision to remove a picture of such a divisive man. A man who has no interest in upholding the Constitution and who just wants to rule using the hate and fear that drives his base does not deserve a place of respect. I wholeheartedly agree that respect is earned, not demanded, and he has not earned a thing. I further applaud your choice of portrait and to honor Native history.
Do not give in to those who seek to have Trump’s portrait restored. You are on the right side of history.
Thank you for standing up for all.
Nicole S.
Hooksett, NH

It’s been reported you had a portrait of Obama hung in Jackson.
He is a president who watched a video live feed at the White House of navy seals fighting terrorists in real time and chose to do nothing to come to their aid.
However you choose not to hang a portrait of our current president thus showing your political bias.
President Trump is not a dictator.
My great aunt was the governor of Wyoming in the 1920’s. It sure is a beautiful place.


I want to convey my appreciation for Mayor Pete Muldoon’s courageous move. In our great democratic nation, agencies should not be forced to hang pictures of elected officials. That’s very Stalinistic.
Thank you,

I don’t normally do this but in your case I’m making an exception. For those of us who lived under 8 years of Obama I take great offense at your political stance on the picture of Trump.
You obviously can do whatever you want to do – but remember you are pissing off at least half of the citizens who would otherwise come to Jackson Hole for vacations this year!
Mike K.

Sir, I write today has a tourist that had plans to stay in your town 7-1/7-3 I have cancelled those plans. We enjoyed our stay in Jackson Hole in 2014 when I’m sure a portrait of President Obama hung in the office. Keep your opinion to yourself and serve your city, a city that enjoys tourism! Have a good day and God Bless!

Mike P.

Please confirm for me that you did or did not  remove the portrait of President Trump.
Mike R.

Thank you for having the insight to replace the picture of Trump.
I’m sure you will catch flack from some extremists.
You did the right thing.
My wife has a judicial conference in Big Sky in August.
We now intend to add a few days in Jackson on the front or back end of our trip.
Mike G.
Cotopaxi, CO

Sorry spelling errors.  I can buy the argument of education and honoring,  but use the “educational” opportunity to teach about the town of Jackson. Plenty of people to choose from. For instance do you know anything about these pivotal Town people:  Dr Charles Huff, Harry Clissold, Lee Lucas, Homer Richards, Bruce Porter, and yes J. Chester Simpson. The town of Jackson wouldn’t be what it is without these men. Talk to the Historical Society.

So promote someone from the town of Jackson.  Like dr Huff, homer Richards that were key in the town. Should be the related to the town  lots of great me and would be educational too. I disagree with the removal of these photos from the offices. I voted for this mayor but he proves that he doesn’t represent me.  Put the back!

Midge S.

Mr. Mayor, thank you for your response to my email. Although as a Trump supporter I don’t necessarily agree with the portrait removal, I understand your reasoning for it.

What is wrong with your mayor?  Explain please how Trump is a dictator.

Mike B.

You will display a portrait of sitting president Obama but refuse to allow Trumps portrait?  I can assure you that myself and my family will never spend a nickel anywhere near Jackson.  I’ll also do my best to make other potential Jackson visitors aware of this.
Milton R.

Mr Mayor,
So as I understand it, you said removing the photo is because this is not a dictatorship and you don’t have to display the photo of our current President? Although you had past Presidents photos displayed?
Sounds to me like this is a by-partisan decision made by you. So moving forward you will no longer display any Presidential photo? Just pointing out your logic.
Your a discrace, just another liberal  who didn’t get their way in the election and has to do something no matter how disrespectful it is.
You can bet if when President Obama was in office and the mayor of Jackson Hole was a conservative, the photo would have been displayed. This is just another case of conservative acceptance, moving on when we lose and the liberals throwing a temper tantrum when they lose.

Mike L.

Since you have chosen to try and dishonor our President by publically pronouncing that you will not display his portrait as you have for past Presidents, please be assured that you have dishonored yourselves and the constituents you serve.  Also, be assured that I will no longer honor you with my presence, since by your actions it is evident that I would not be welcomed in your community.

Rob R.

So I encourage many many friends to come visit Jackson…I have spent months there the past 2 winters in addition to summer trips.
I was told you’ve posted the pictures of our Presidents but refuse to display our current President. I’ve had friends inform me they are no longer interested in visiting Jackson.
Unless this is changed, I too will discontinue patronage of your community.
Sara S.

FYI We just canceled our trip to Jackson this summer because of your idiot ‘dictator’ un-American mayor. Good luck with that.
Sarah J.
Denver, CO

I don’t believe we live in a dictatorship. Your statement and reason for taking down a presidents picture is that we don’t live in a dictatorship which indicates that you believe we do.

I noticed that you removed a picture of the president of the United States due to the fact that you believe we do not live in dictatorship. Who decided that for Jackson Hole? I know that I would not want to visit any place that could be perceived that a city is run by a dictatorship!!

Robert H.

Subject: Re: “Stuck on Stupid”

This is the most idiotic response for your actions that I could have imagined, but I totally understand when I consider who and what you are!  The left is all for tolerance except when it doesn’t agree with their stupidity!  You have proven beyond a doubt that nothing has changed in the mindsets of liberals (Communists) like yourself and nothing will until it smacks you right in the face – and that may just happen real soon!  If you don’t want to show respect for President Trump, that is your problem and it will not help the people of Jackson.  When you were elected mayor, did you take down the picture of the former President?  I doubt it because you were in love with that creep!  The next picture of “your” President may just be one on the Post Office wall after all his illegal activities come to light!  Enough of this nonsense!  Go be mayor and live with the consequences – end of session, PERIOD!  DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE STUPID COMMENTS OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER!
Hey Mayor or whatever you think you are:

I have read your comments regarding the removal of the portraits of President Trump and Vice-President Pence and find them typical of the out of touch left leaning wackos!  Perhaps if you took off your cowboy hat long enough you would see that the world doesn’t revolve around Jackson, Wyoming!  Communist like yourself (aka liberals) think you know more than anyone else, but nothing could be further from the truth.  President Trump can and will run circles around you and the rest of your kind and not even blink an eye – and he has!  Perhaps one of these days you will wake up and see the country for what it is which is not your demented view nor rhetoric!  You have shown just how “stuck on stupid” all communists behave when they don’t get their way!   What you should do is shut-up, sit down, and suck your thumb if it makes you feel better!  If you would rather display a picture of an Indian go right ahead, but don’t plan on my support for anything in Jackson, PERIOD!

Rodger W.

Thayne WY

Mayor Muldoon,

I read a story that you removed the President and Vice-President’s pictures from City Hall after displaying those ofpast Presidents.  You are quoted as having said that you did it because you don’t live in a dictatorship. I take that to mean you are doing it in personal protest without regard for desire of your citizens and staff.   Unfortunately, by your actions, you have ignored past traditions and acted in the very dictator-like manner of which you accuse President, having caved into partisan politics.  This is in fact ignoring a significant portion of the state’s voting block since he did win Wyoming in the 2016 election.  Friends traveled there a few years ago and recommended it.  I may not be a citizen, but I can tell you that any dreams we had of visiting a town run by a dictator-in-chief mayor are long gone.  NO WAY!  What a shameful and childish display of your ignorance and lack of respect for the citizens of your community and state.  Your decision will likely cost your community financially.  I wonder if the citizens, staff and other council members agree with your actions?  Shame on you Mayor Muldoon.

Tiffany L.

Dear Mayor:
I read with some dismay about your comments toward our president of the United States and your comment that we do not live “in a dictatorship”. Removing his picture along with the Vice President’s picture, along with your comments are not only disrespectful, they are disgusting.
I had planned a nice vacation with my wife to come and stay in Jackson this fall and stay in our favorite boutique hotel, the Rusty Parrot. I have canceled my plans and will not spend any money in a town that shows such disrespect for our country and our duly elected leaders.
Steve A.


Your recent justification for removing the public portraits of President Trump and Vice President Pence are disgustingly biased and unpatriotic.  You took no action to remove the portraits of President Obama and Vice President Biden.  Whether you like our legally elected president or not, your actions disgust America and the State of Wyoming.

Hopefully, your town council will take the appropriate action to override your decision.


Steven E.


My name is Steve G., an average middle class American who has visited your wonderful town in the past.  Great place.  However, I’m also a vet.  You’re choice to dishonor the current President by removing his picture means that I won’t be visiting your city anymore.  While you are not required to post the President’s picture, it is an honoring thing to do, not just for the individual but also for our republic.  I understand if you don’t like the man, but the US has great value in the world and is a one of a limited number of nations that has risked all, that others may live in freedom.  Your choice to devalue the President appears to be because you don’t like the man (that may not be truth and I’m willing to listen if its not).  However, your city government should be representative of many political views, not just the anti-Trump views.

Steve G.

Well, it looks like our family is taking your location off our list of places to visit.


Another public servant who exercises poor judgement does not bode well at many levels.

I hope the next mayor is able to put other’s interests ahead of own.

With ample disappointment,

Steve H.

Mr. Muldoon,
How shameful any mayor of any town in our great country does not honor our duly elected President and Vice President.
The only “dictator” I see are you liberals who want to use the liberty of our country and control everything and everyone with power in government.  Donald Trump is simply a fellow American who wanted to run for office and serve.  Why do you refer to him as a dictator?
I’m glad FoxNews reported your ignorant and disrespectful action.  I hope all freedom loving residents of your town learn about this and let you know how they feel.
Steve S.

So you wanna play politics with the hanging of our presidents picture,
so one was Ok and another not, that’s fine mr mayor but myself and many
of my family and friends will NOT be returning to your area to ski, many
other places to give our money to that don’t make the choices you
made… thanks and good luck with your politics!


So, you had Obama’s portrait up but won’t put Trump or Pence’s up? I guess you don’t care about visitors like me who planned on coming to Jackson Hole this summer from Arizona to get away from the heat.

There are so many other places I can go spend my money, so I and my family will definitely bypass Jackson Hole, no matter how wonderful a place it is!

Good luck with your stupid decision, jackass.

Steve J.

Queen Creek, AZ

Sir:  I believe as mayor, you are elected to represent all the people, and not establish your own “dictatorship”, as you so readily state President Trump represents. Might I suggest that you show respect and inclusiveness and help our young people (e. g. students and children) be better educated and aware of how our democracy works?  You could at least place the American President’s portrait along with the American Indian chief’s portrait. I believe the attitude you are choosing is detrimental to the families and people you represent. Thank you. S. S.

Mr. Muldoon,

I can’t even begin to address you as a Mayor; shame on you!!! By removing PRESIDENT TRUMP and VICE PRESIDENT PENCE’C portraits you have forever alienated me as a visitor to Jackson; a town I have forever loved, and never thought a Mayor would do such a ridiculous thing! I have one question; what have these men done to YOU personally that would cause you to cave to what the liberals are being absolutely ridiculous about? Maybe you don’t like his character, which is lacking at times, but you have a MAN who is willing to take the crap tossed at him to make things better for this country! Give the PRESIDENT time, dude, and you might just be thankful you did! It’s refreshing to me, to have a PRESIDENT just tell it like it is, and not hide behind lies and niceties to make people happy, whether it’s for the good of the country or not, like Obama did the last 8 years!!!! Do your homework, dude! Check out REAL websites that will give you FACTS, not fake news, and see exactly what our last President DIDN’T do for this country, and DID to this country, and thank GOD we have someone in the WH who cares!


Sue S.

I have always considered Jackson Hole a wonderful ski getaway with quaint shops and good restaurants (though perhaps catering to the “rich and famous” hypocrites too much) and my family’s number one ski destination.  We have also visited in the summer to enjoy the beauty of Yellowstone.
However, because of your traitorous nature, that being the removal of, or refusal to display the United States of America’s duly elected and sworn-in President, the highest office in our country, Jackson Hole has fallen to the absolute rock bottom on my family’s vacation list, Paris, Hawaii, and London excepted.  In fact, you may rest assured that we will never set foot in Jackson Hole or spend a copper penny there ever again, and that includes all members of our extended family.  The decision is not because you are obviously a Democrat and I am a Republican, but because of the hateful disrespect to the President by your office.  I did not vote for Obama but I did not disrespect him because he had been elected and held the office of President.  The Democrats have been spewing hatred and violence since the day after the 2016 election.  What a big bunch of cry babies and sore losers.  I thought voters were supposed to be old enough to act like adults.  I was proven wrong on that count.
Your act is nothing but a politically motivated, middle finger gesture to the Office of the Presidency, not to mention bordering on treason. Politics from the Mayor’s office should be restricted to his or her own campaign, not disrespect to the President.
Be a sore loser and a buttercup, and experience a fall similar to Target Corporation.  Remember them?  They were stupid enough to alienate their largest customer base and have since taken a nose-dive in business.
I wish you the best and hope you are smart enough to realize that political gestures like yours are  improper and do not belong in business.
Susan D.

Please be advised that the removal of President Trump’s picture is horrendous and needs to be reversed.
Thank you;
Sherman W.

We have cancelled our annual trip to the Yellowstone area due to your disrespect for the office of the President of the United States.
We will also be writing every single business establishment (ones we usually frequented) to inform them of our decision.
S. S.

Just to let you know: in our planned trip out West this fall.

We will not be stopping or spending any money in Jackson Hole due to your partisan refusal to have Pres. Trump’s picture displayed subsequent to having past-President Obama’s picture displayed.

I have never in my life seen such poor losers as some of you Democrats.

You lost the election; get over it; focus on helping our Country & not helping to destroy it.

Trying to be: Respectfully yours, Patricia C.

So you think that taking down Trump’s portrait makes some kind of statement. It says more about you than Trump. Didn’t vote for the man and I am desperately hoping he will begin to act presidential. However, the office of the president deserves respect even if you don’t feel that the man does.

Steve S.

Are you kidding??! President Trump won Wyoming with 68% of the votes.  Who in the world do you represent??  Disrespectful toward your constituents and fellow Wyoming residents.


Mayor and County Officials,
Shame on you! The disrespect being shown is appalling.  You don’t have to agree with Trump or any president.  But respect should be shown to the leader of our country.  63  million people cast their vote for Trump.  Their votes matter to them.  Trump is our President.  Start bailing water out of the boat and stop drilling holes in it by being hateful and divisive.  I am sure not every person in Jackson agree with this action? Yet you displayed a portrait of the last President?  Do whatever you want just stop with the BS.  Your office clearly is partisan and you removed it because you dislike “your” President.  Great job capturing the elitist left-wing skiing demographic.
BTW I am a Travel Agent and was just getting ready to pitch Jackson Hole for a huge group looking for ideas for a travel destination, well guess what… Now I am not!
I will not recommend Jackson hole to any of my clients.
Proud American! Lets Mark America Great Again!

The mayor has no right to disrespect the Office of the President of the United States.  Removing the photo is playing politics and portrays our entire community as not agreeing with the office of the President.  This is a huge over reaching of boundaries for our local government.  Whether you agree with the President or disagree with the President should not determine the respect for the office of our country.

Removing the picture in such a manner is worse than any politics which are played in Washington.
Stephan A.

I’ve just cancelled my summer trip to Jackson because of the stupid action of Mayor Muldoon removal the portraits of Pres. Trump and VP Pence.  Your actions were immature and petty.  It’s also against the financial interests of your community.

Steve G.

I understand Mayor Muldoon will not display the Presidents portrait although he did display Barak Obama’s. Something about a dictator? Really?

I have a 16 year old Son and I’m teaching him never to be a sore loser.

I’ll use Mayor Muldoon as an example of how “not to be”.

Thanks and have a nice day,

Steve A.

I am disappointed at the news of the decision your Mayor made ref the portrait of the President. I have no influence over such a decision except for where I choose to spend my money.  My family had plans to spend the better part of two weeks in your community this fall hunting & vacationing. However, due to the  actions of your Mayor and apparent support of the Council & community, we will not be doing so now and will be taking our business to Bozeman or Cody.   We enjoyed Jackson in the past but this unnecessary political silliness indicates to me we are not welcome anymore .

Bryan M.

Just a note to inform you that I will be removing any plans to visit your town on my upcoming vacation to Wyoming. Jackson Hole was high on our list of places to visit. The reason? You guessed it. Your total disrespect of our duly elected president. You had Obama’s picture & I’m sure you agree with all the corruption that we had to endure for eight long years. So, I will spend my hard earned money elsewhere. You can keep your liberal, snobby town, and your idiot mayor. Might I suggest you recall his sorry butt? Good grief! Enough is enough! Get over the butt hurt!
Sheila B.

Dear Mayor Muldoon:  My husband and I are staying in Jackson for four months.  We read with interest your actions on picture swapping at the Town Hall.  We’d like to offer our support and encouragement for your actions.  This is what a democracy is all about.  The Founding Fathers would be proud of your gumption.  This is in the same vein as their actions concerning King George and his egregious reign over the Colonies.  We citizens must speak up, take actions and maintain a rigorous discourse over our leaders at all times.  We feel that our democracy is under terrible assault and if we don’t resist, we are doomed.  Thank you for your courage and forthright leadership.  Sincerely, Patricia K. and Ralph P.

Had a vacation planned to Jackson Hole the end of July staying at the Four Seasons, that trip is being canceled for you stupid idea of removing the President of the United States photo, regardless of how you feel about him he is our president, as a veteran you disgust me.
Michael P.
Cross Creek Ranch
Doss Texas

Mr. Muldoon –
I do not live in Wyoming. I have never been to Wyoming (although I would love to, some day). But, today, I read about your removal of the Donald Trump and Mike Pence portraits from the walls of your town hall and I am sending my most heartfelt applause to you from here in the Steel City. Your decision, while certain to incur wrath from your conservative constituents, is a much-needed gesture of protest and should be looked at as an example for other city leaders. The man in the White House does not represent what is right and good about America or Americans and is not deserving of our respect simply based on the job title he has been given (winning despite over three million American votes saying otherwise).
Thank you for speaking out. Jackson is lucky to have you.
Michael W.
Pittsburgh, PA

Considering what a close-minded alt Left dictator you’ve always been, I hardly think your disrespectful actions re: President Trump’s picture is warranted. How juvenile.
Mrs. Robyn S.

I guess its correct, that moving from one state to another, you bring your politics with you. Wyoming being a red state, and Jackson hole being a bastion for liberalism.

Your mayor is a disgusting joke. Why doesn’t he come out of the closet and admit he’s a Hillary loving democrat? He doesn’t need to make excuses about educating people about Indians. If the town counsel allows his agenda driven politics, then they too become a joke and I for one will boycott Jackson Hole.

Thanks for your time Mike G. ,Wasilla Alaska


I just wanted to let you know that my family will be cancelling our reservations for our planned 10 day trip there in July.  If your mayor can not see fit to display our current presidents photo then he not only disrespects me and my family but the 60 million people who voted for our current President.  Please rest assured that I will be highlighting your mayors  Nazi like actions on multiple RV web sites and recommend that people vote with their feet by not setting even one foot in Jackson Hole Wy.


Michael K.

Mr Mayor, It is with sadness I tell you that we will not visit Jackson this year, as we have in the past. Your political views, which are your personal right, should not reflect on the town and certainly not be used to insult our President.

You are answerable to the people of the town for your office, but you chose to alienate a large portion of your tourist trade by inserting your political views into a situation where it is neither appropriate or appreciated. I hope the town of Jackson understands and responds to such an un-American action on the part of their elected representative and that you never suffer the insults of those in your community who do not care for your leadership. We have a long tradition in this country of accepting the outcome of elections and, if not then banding together, at least refraining from petty partisan politics that simply serve to denigrate the body politic.

When your political views become national news then it is no longer just, “town matters.” Your election as the mayor of Jackson does not give you the right to insert your personal political views on the populace (aren’t municipal elections supposed to be free of party politics?). If you submitted a proposal to the council and it was voted on, that part was not included in the story and, if that is the case, I apologize.

Michael D.

Phoenix AZ

Mayor Muldoon,
As a frequent visitor to Jackson every summer, I was taken back (and laughed) about your statement that our “President is a dictator.” I’ve only read and been taught that “real dictators” are the ones that make those claims during my history degree in college.
It’s sad that Jackson has an uneducated and misinformed Mayor at its helm, but I’m sure that the great people of Jackson will change their vote at next mayors election.
All the best,

The news just reported of your actions to remove the picture of our POTUS…We feel your decision is is very Unpatriotic and shameful.  The building and the picture are not owned by you.  They are owned by the tax payers…it is not your private home.   Go about your duties of the Mayor of Wyoming…and, remember this Country has elected a new President Trump…
Let us come together as a great United Nation…and, leave this pettiness behind.

Maureen B.

My family and I, 8 adults, were planning a trip to Jackson Hole this winter for a ski vacation.  But after your jackass decision to remove the portrait of the President of the United States, we are now looking for a new place to take our winter Vacation.
I hope ALL law abiding U. S. citizens avoid your town.    How un-American you all have acted.

your problem with photos in your town office.
I thought wyoming was a windy, vast piece of land every time we traveled through it.
I see some humans in wyoming are the same, vast, windy, blowhearts.
My daughter, a Marine Corps vet, went to the VA last week, in new york state and said
It was so great to see pictures of President Trump and Vice President Pence hanging there.  She felt like she was back living in the US again.  She and I thought the obama cadre was so totalitarian.  We both disliked looking at obama on tv or in a picture.  Today we say daily, Go Trump Go & We are making America great again.  Semper. Fi.
Mrs.  Jo. D.. Little Meadows.  PA.  18830

Mayor Muldoon,
Your removal of the pictures of the president and vice-president was divisive and displayed personal partisanship. Like it or not, President Trump was duly and legally elected. You alienated half the country with this move. Personally, I have no interest in coming to Jackson Hole now as many others have expressed on social media. You have created your own “dictatorship” and display everything you claim to be against.
Jackson Hole will be on my bucket list again, once you and yours are voted out of office.
Marilyn N.

No President had more contempt for the rule of law and behaved more like a dictator than Obama.  His unilateral selective enforcement of the law effectively changed the laws passed by our elected representatives thereby negating the vote of the electorate.  His use of executive orders to bypass congress was similarly a dictatorial abuse of power.  His administration’s use of government agencies was unprecedented and appeared to be attempting to cement democrats in power in perpetuity through their corruption.  In all one party countries, the party members do well and everyone else does very poorly.  Democrat’s pitting different groups of citizens against each other to pander for power is despicable.
Mark B.

After hearing of the mayors incomprehensible action in removing the portrait of President Trump from the city chambers or wherever it was hung– I’m dismayed that he would be brazen and selfish enough to think that his action would be found in any way, shape or form respectable or honorable to his position.  I would like to point out that he is in that position by a very slim margin and in no way does he have any sort of overwhelming mandate from his constituents.  To think that removing the picture is reflective of consensus opinion of his constituency may in fact illuminate only one conclusion–that mayor Muldoon thinks too highly of his own opinion and perhaps should rethink the action and place the picture back where it belongs…
Those of us who didn’t care for the last president suffered in silence every time we saw his portrait hung in city offices and elsewhere and mayor Muldoon may just have to suck it up, rehang the current portrait of The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump and suffer whatever indignity it may cause him personally because at this present time, it’s the right thing and no matter the mayors opinion to the contrary– it’s the smart and wise thing to do.
Lynn S.

My wife and I drove from Mississippi to visit Yellowstone and the surrounding area last summer and spent my hard earned money in your town. We were planning on returning this summer but will not be back to your town because of your dumb political view. President Trump is all of our president just like obummer was. Can say we’ve been there but won’t be back.    Sincerely, Lynn S.

Dear Mayor Muldoon,
Jackson Hole, Wy is a beautiful town; I’ve been through there many times on my way to Yellowstone. No more. I have heard that as mayor you have ordered the removal of President Trump’s pictures from your town hall. You say that we do not live in a dictatorship where our current President is forcing you to display his picture. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Our public and federal buildings always display our current President’s picture. It’s a sign of respect for the office and the person. You obviously do not have respect for either nor for the people in your town who do not feel like you do. That is what real dictatorship is, pushing your own ideology on everyone. Maybe in the future Jackson Hole will elect officials that will have tolerance and respect for all viewpoints and not just their own. I appreciate and thank you for reading this.
Lynne Y.

Today we read that you took down the portraits of our President and Vice President.  So, our vacation to your area is now officially CANCELLED! We refuse to vacation where morons live.
Will spend our money elsewhere.
Family of 8


Congratulations, Mayor Muldoon!
So happy to see someone in politics not intimidated by this idiot we have to contend with for the leader of our Country!  HOPEFULLY he won’t be in office much longer.
Support your decision to remove trump’s “portrait” from your Town Hall, totally support it!
Most sincerely,
Marcia L V.
Cheyenne, WY

I read where the pictures of our President Trump and Vice-President Pence have been removed from display but you displayed pictures of the previous officials.
Sorry to learn of this as I have enjoyed many trips to your area but will no longer be doing so and am sure many others will feel the same way.
You have apparently transitioned from real cowboys to snowflake cowboys.

Loren S.

Mr. Mayor:
Another stupid move by an irrelevant politician.  I guess you forgot all the Executive Orders promulgated by the last President.  You know, the man who walked on water.
Doug M.
Las Vegas, NV

It is no surprise you were part of The Party line to show disrespect to the office of president. It’s well known of your Stalinist and Hitler love and desire to turn the US into YOUR dictatorship. However, there are still those of us who believe in the freedoms of the constitution. But since you don’t we are longer required to show you or your position respect either. Citizens of Jackson can attend town meetings and refuse to follow procedure or show respect to you since you’ve made it clear you don’t believe in it, if you try to inflict it on us then you prove YOU are the dictator. Funny how when we decide to turn your vile display around on you, it isn’t as much fun. This town is not your dictatorship! Grow up, act like an adult and do your job.


I read about your change in artwork and your quotes in the Huffington Post.
I support your nice, sensible, common-sense move.
Lindsay M.

In my long life I’ve seen many presidents. Some I liked, others I didn’t, but NEVER did I disrespect the person holding the office at that time. You are to be a leader as Mayor. Instead you’ve chosen to behave like a petulant child who didn’t get his milk and cookies. Grow up, show some class, and learn how to get along with others. Being disrespectful and obstructionist because your candidate didn’t win only shows your lack of character and puts YOU in line with Stalin and Hitler. Your actions are known as The Mirror in the mental health field. Try solving the housing problem in Jackson. We need adult cooperative leadership…I’m doubting by your behavior you are capable of that.


Your response speaks for your lack of civic leadership.  You are supposed to represent all citizens, not just your liberal mindset.   Show some respect for the ELECTED president.
Get rid of your mayor. He is simply placing politics above respect for the office of the President, Donald Trump. Irregardless of the mayors lack of responsible decisions, the citizens of Jackson, Wyoming and the United States deserve better.
Jackson is better than that. The mayor is accountable to the citizens and the city council needs to get its act together.
If you want to eliminate a sizable portion of the tourists that visit Jackson, the ill informed mayor has found a way.
Your choice, support and respect the office of the President or simply roll over to a “snowflake.”

Larry G.

Dear Town Council,
I am appalled to have just learned that “Mayor” Pete will not hang a picture of President Trump and Vice – President Pence as has been the long standing tradition in government offices.  No wonder our citizens and children show such a lack of respect when ELECTED local government officials demonstrate a lack of respect for the highest office of our nation.  How sad your town officials think so small and continue to divide this beautiful country.
You have succeeded!  My family and friends have decided we will NO longer be able to support or recommend Jackson, Wyoming as a great place to live or visit. Thetiwn council members along with “Mayor” Pete are obviously very short-sighted.
John and Laurie M.
Apex, NC

So you are famous for taking down the photo of the president of the United States of America.
In Texas to keep it clean and direct.
Bless your heart.
Haven’t been to Wyoming. You have saved me a trip.
Larry S.

Dear Mayor;
You say Trump is a dictator yet you displayed a portrait of Obama who had the IRS illegally conduct extra scrutiny on conservative groups, under Obama the NSA illegally compiled phone and email records on tens of thousands of private citizens and reporters, his education and justice departments mandated that schools in every state allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity at the time, Obamacare was merely a plan for the eventual complete takeover of health care by the federal government (Obama has long said that he’s in favor of single pay), the DHS under Obama tried to hack Indiana’s election system as investigated and reported in the Daily Caller and other outlets, even the left-wing extremist NY Times wrote before the election that “Obama’s pursuit of executive power without apology … will shape the presidency for decades to come.” I could go on.
But you call TRUMP a dictator? You are either completely ignorant or a typical liberal hypocrite.
Larry W.

Just saw a news flash of you removing President’s Trump portrait and making some asinine comment about a dictatorship.
I am confident you are a Democratic Party stooge but don’t realize Obama acted more as a dictator with his countless regulations and executive orders plus his surveillance of common citizens.
I will make sure to cancel any future reservations to your town and let the citizens know of your ignorance.  And insure I tell everyone I know.
Larry P.

I’m appalled that you are being so disrespectful to the office of the President of the U.S. Obama was a horrible president and yet you post his picture. I’m no fan of Trump, but he is our President. Your city has lost my tourist business.

Larry M.

I love your city. We visited just last year.  But Trump is not Stalin or Hitler. You are so wrong.
All presidents have their portraits hung, including every Democrat that has been elected.
Half the country voted for Trump, including myself.
This half would agree with me.
Do you want to lose half your business?
I won’t come again unless you change your attitude.
Larry B.

Your city might be full or liberal California money, but the rest of your state is hard core Republican and conservative.
The whole country knows about the bull shit you guys have pulled with the replacing the Trump Portrait with an Indian chief.
You know, 1/2 the country felt that we were living under a left wing dictatorship under Obama.  Your city council proudly displayed Obama’s Portrait for 8 years.
You Dems are sore losers. You act like contrite little girls instead of real Cowboys.

Kortney D.

Mr Mayor,
I heard rumor that you pledged to support the Paris Climate Agreement and removed the President’s picture from City Hall.   First, I could not find reference to this on the City website, so I have no idea if this information is accurate.  I hope and pray this is just propaganda and that the rumors are incorrect.  However, if this is true, shame on you sir!
We should all care about the environment, but entering into a non-binding agreement paid for disproportionately by American tax payers, is not a sensible way to protect our environment!
Secondly, If the picture of the US President was removed, you have absolutely no right!  We are all Americans and like it or not, he was elected as OUR President.  You and the City Council, as public servants, have a duty to respect and support the leader of this great nation.
Kurt U.

The America I love would never allow political hack job like you to praise one president then dishonor another!

It’s the little minded people, like you, who cannot handle being an adult!

I disliked Obama, yet he was respected as our president! Trump is now the president, show him the same respect!

Get off of your grocery store pony and be a man!

Respect goes both ways!  Right now you have zero respect and it’s passed onto your city!

Actions have results, those results are good or bad depending on your actions!

Right now, you are reaping a disaster caused by your own hands!

Good luck on getting reelected!

A real American!

Not a snowflake socialist liberal leftist small minded metrosexual pajama pansy globalizer cocoa drinker like you!

Kevin M.

> > Best regards,
> Ken S.

You are a whining child. Call mommy or get some play dough.
I once respected Jackson Hole. Thanks for the update.
Kim H.
Telluride, CO

……and that I now know Jackson Hole, WY (which we loved when we visited and spent money) …….we will now avoid.  Thanks you for letting us know of your sick, unpatriotic position.

…..to suffer monetary set-backs for your position of pulling President Trump’s picture.  My family will no longer visit.

Kenneth E.

Dear Honorable Mayor Muldoon,
My wife and I have made multiple trips to Jackson Hole over the last few years. No more. Its disgraceful that you took down the photos of our President and Vice President. And shameful that you called President Trump a Dictator. Shameful. And a damn lie.
I’m spreading the word to all of our friends in Houston, no more Jackson Hole for us, its off to Idaho to escape the heat this summer. And no more trips for us to JH until the pictures go back up and until you show some respect for our Nation’s top two leaders and the Americans who elected them. (Or until you move to Portland.)
Kent A.

Our family vacation to Jackson Wy scheduled for next summer will be moved to a more politically neutral location outside of the state of WY. I realize you don’t have an obligation to display a photo of the US president. However, you took the photo down based on political beliefs. People like you are tearing this beautiful country apart. Our president was elected democratically by the people, for the people. You have every right to disagree personally but your actions as a government taking down the photo of the president is yet another example of the hate and extremism against our president. Actions like yours are tearing our country apart like never before in this country’s great history.
I am currently on vacation in Alaska with my family. When I return home this email will be forwarded to every member in your chamber of commerce. Your actions are disrespectful to our country, our democratically elected government, our military, and our veterans. It is also  a slap in the face to our children’s hope and future for this country. My vacation money will be spent elsewhere in 2018.
Kevin D.

Dumb move on the portraits.  I guess your businesses don’t need tourism to thrive? This will hurt you.

Kevin H.

To Whom It May Concern,
We are independents who vote both Democrat and Republican depending on the candidate, but we are so disappointed in the Jackson Wyoming mayor Pete Muldoon’s anti-American action in removing President Trump’s portrait from Jackson Wyoming’s City Hall yet there was no problem with President Obama’s portrait when it was on display.  Jackson mayor Pete Muldoon’s action is a slap in the face to the veterans, military, and hard-working Americans who elected President Trump.
We were planning a trip to Wyoming for two weeks this coming September, and we were going to stay the first week at a hotel in Jackson as a great base to see Jackson, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, and then travel to east Wyoming to see Cheyenne, Casper, Devils Tower and Fort Laramie among other attractions. Instead, due to your mayor’s actions, we are cancelling our trip and will travel to Idaho or Montana instead and base ourselves there. Speaking of National Parks, I believe Trump is the first U.S. President to donate his entire quarterly paycheck as U.S. President to the National Parks Service and he requested that other leading businesses also donate to our National Parks for much-needed renovation projects and crumbling infrastructure that previous U.S. Presidents have ignored. I’d like to ask how much has Pete Muldoon donated to our National Park Service?
We voted for Obama during his first term, yet the result of his 8 years in office is that the national debt doubled from $10 trillion to $20 million with nothing to show for it except for a huge increase in the number of people of food stamps, welfare and public housing, all paid for by the taxes of hard-working Americans. If this is what the Jackson mayor aspires to, we pity the citizens of Jackson, Wyoming and think that such a beautiful place deserves a more intelligent, less partisan mayor.
We do not want to spend our money in a city where the mayor is an anti-American political hack who is against a President that is doing all he can for veterans, the military, and to give working class Americans jobs and tax cuts. Unpatriotic actions like those of Jackson Wyoming mayor Pete Muldoon have ramifications. I am sure there are many thousands of others like us who may not have the time to write an email such as this, but will also take a patriotic stance and avoid supporting the city of Jackson, Wyoming when it comes time to choose where to spend their vacation dollars.
Mike T.
Carmel, California

You Mayor are a disgrace !
I for one will never again visit your town again !
I mean who would want to visit, ASS-hole, WY.
Katherine S.
GOD Bless America !
Support Trump~Pence

The reasons you gave why you will not display their portraits in the city hall building just show your hatred for our President and the people who voted for him. Dictator? Stalin? You see no educational value? President Trump has no hold on Jackson Hole? The anger from people like you about Trump being elected is all consuming, petty and just shows how intolerant you are of anyone who does not think exactly like you. I was in Wyoming last November and it was beautiful. I have also been there twice before. Won’t be back with people like you in charge which I’m sure will make you very happy. Telling all my Conservative friends to stay away as well, especially, Jackson Hole. No tour dollars from us.

Karen L.

Dear sir,
By taking down our president’s portrait you became the dictator. This president was elected by the American people. My family and I have planned a trip to Wyoming the first week of July. We will spend 3 days in Cody and 4 days in Pinedale for the Green River Rendezvous. We were planning on stopping in Jackson Hole, but will just be driving right through now. Your disrespect is so sad.
Judy W.
Oak Harbor, Wa
(Just one of the many deplorables)

We stayed in your town two years ago;  beautiful area, beautiful people.  Truly enjoyable.
Won’t happen again.  You politicize your “non-partisan” town government, so we, (and half the country), will politicize our travel dollars.
Jim R.
Hobart, WI

Classy move removing the portrait of our president. You’re accusation of President Trump being a dictator is sick and completely uncalled for. You’re an embarrassment to your town and the United States of America. What’s wrong with you that you take it upon yourself to show no class as the country is finally making positive changes and people are going back to work and prospering. Make the right decision and put the portrait up as it belongs in our states’ government offices.
You are what you are Jackson, Wyoming! Absolutely nothing


At least I can eliminate Jackson Hole off my travel list. 14 years is probably a little to long to vacation in one spot. Luckily their are lots of great places in America that aren’t governed by a bunch of narrow minded libs. Joe

Joseph W.

Thanks to your Mayor Muldoon’s apparently Liberal views and willingness not to recognize the lawfully elected POTUS and a VPOTUS,
and to publicly compare our Constitutional Republic to a Dictatorship is total B—S–t.   “No Respect for you Mayor Muldoon” ….
More importantly none of my Family Vacation Dollars will be spent anywhere close to Jackson, Wyo.
We have changed our travel plans. You Folks can just do without my Tourism $$$$$$.
John O.
Manhattan, Ks

Mr. Mayor,
While you may have every right to display, or not display, images of the President of the United States, or Osama Bin Laden, in various municipal locations, your actions speak volumes of personal disrespect.
Clearly your intention.
I am ashamed to have you and your opinion preside in one of my favorite places on earth.
Please move to San Francisco.
Or Pakistan.

John R.

Dear Mayor Muldoon-  Of course you can remove the President’s portrait and replace it with anyone you like.
However, that clearly tells me that those of us who believe in the rule of law and that elections have consequences and that we must respect the President (even if not one we voted for) that we are not welcome in Jackson Hole.
I have visited several times in the past and was planning to spend the 4th of July weekend there next month.
However, knowing that people like me are not welcome made me change my plans, and I will never stop in Jackson Hole again for anything! Wyoming is a great state filled with lots of great people, and worth visiting, except Jackson Hole.
By the way, were you born in California?  You seem to have their values, not those of folks from the land of the kickin’ horse.
John S.
Salt Lake City

Mayor Muldoon,

“Luckily, we do not live in a dictatorship.” Those are your precise words. The inference is quite clear.  In a dictatorship one would be forced to display propaganda. In the United States, a representative republic, we proudly display images of our President out of respect for our country and all of our fellow Americans who support him or her EVEN IF OUR CANDIDATE LOSES.

No one is suggesting you not honor Chief Washakie or anyone else you see fit, but removing a portrait of our President dishonors the entire country.  And as I stated in my previous email, it offends the MILLIONS of Americans that support President Trump.

All that said, I do admire that you actually responded to me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my opinion,

Joe W.

Mayor Muldoon –

I do thank you for a prompt response (pleasantly surprised, actually), and yes I am interested in all political correctness, wherever it happens to rear its ugly head.

Your self-serving, narrowly constructed narrative about civics, branches of government, and constitutional republics seems very persuasive.

Clearly based on your carefully scripted dissertation, president Obama’s portrait would have so offended your ‘separation of powers’ sensibilities that it would have been removed within mere minutes of you taking office.

Oh wait, I forgot – you didn’t do that.  You LEFT IT IN PLACE, because you decided to HONOR him as your president.

And despite your above treatise, you made a purely POLITICAL decision to NOT HONOR president Trump because you don’t like him, his politics, or both.

And that’s the real truth, whether you’ll ever admit it or not.  By the way, it’s perfectly okay to dislike someone, I just wish you just had the nerve to admit it, instead of dancing around a contrived maypole of situational civics.

So, nice try mayor.  But we’ll still be vacationing elsewhere, and I’ll be doing my best to convince the two families we vacation with to join us as well.

Have a great Jackson day.

Jim W

You’re a moron and should move to Canada… or Mexico.  What’s with the cowboy hat?  You think you’re a big bad cowboy?  Get over yourself man, your not! Big hat= small wanker?

John M.

Mr. Muldoon,
Sounds like you are feeling misunderstood. Mr. Trump was duly elected by many people with common sense . Frankly , nice to see citizens using their head instead of their ass.
Throughout the history of the world, there are winners and losers, regardless of the mindset Of the Wizard of Oz ! I served my country in the Marines during the Vietnam conflict. Looking back on history I truly believe we should not have been involved because it was a civil war between the north and south. Regardless of all the political back and forth, I served and would again. It makes a difference when you grow up as the son of a Command Sergeant Major in the Army. I love
my country and respect the President. You remind me of the students in universities and colleges who believe they are entitled and live in the Wizard of Oz land !
Obviously, you are entitled to your opinion. I respect that you have your thoughts and ideas. That is what makes this country great. If you think you can be a better president, run for office ! But in the meantime, obey the law and respect the authority which was duly elected. If you believe that the election was corrupt, then put up the evidence and go before the nation with the proof. It’s a wonderful country where one can pursue his or her dreams.
Your disrespect is duly noted. I’m sure if you wish to pursue complete independence from the U.S. Government, that any federal funds for Jackson Wyoming can be used elsewhere or not spent at
I always thought that people in Wyoming were hard working, common sense people. Guess that is really not true ! Sounds like you and Cheney are probably not great friends. Will ask him about you.
By the way, we have no dictators ! But you sure sound like you would cherish and relish the opportunity ! Your way or the highway huh ?

John H.

Dear Mr. Muldoon,
I want you to know that I have been to Jackson Hole as a tourist; as a skier, I have rented  snowmobiles, and toured Yellowstone.
Your comments as a publicly elected official about the Trump portrait were offensive. President Trump is the president of our great country. As the elected official of the city of Jackson making these remarks reflects poorly on your city. I for one will never visit as long as you remain as the mayor.
John F.

If a picture of the President and Vice President isn’t good enough for Jackson Hole, I guess I’m not good enough for another  visit to the area.
Good luck with tourism!
Mary in Bossier City, LA

True America showing respect for the office we need more moonbats like you. Keep it up so he is assured a second term to go against anti American government officials like you

Joe L.

Even though I hate your guts, I=92m not going to threaten your life like a non-thinking, left wing liberal, violence inducing, un- informed, main stream media watching, super duper idiot whacko such as yourself and people like you would do.
It=92s too bad you don=92t move to California where all the rest of the gutless, worthless idiots like yourself live.   If we could somehow keep all of you fuckers contained in one State like California, it would be much easier to KEEP AMERICA GREAT.   It=92s been a tuff job to do with the migrationof you fuckers into other good states, such as Wyoming.
Kim S.
Shell Lake, Wisconsin

You people are why democrats were crushed in the election of your President, President Trump.  What=92s next burning piles of books?


I’ll bet you’re tired of copying and pasting that response by now. I hope you’re a one term mayor. Newsflash, the most divisive figure was Barack Obama. As a potus and a Democrat he and his party divided on race, religion, bathroom use confusion, and socioeconomic measures. Remember he lit up the white house in rainbow colors when the Supreme Court rammed gay marriage down our throats with their judicial activism despite prop 9 passing in California,  of all states, not too long ago. He’s also a Muslim sympathizer/community organizer that never grew into being the president of ALL PEOPLE and he made excuses for terrorist attacks. One excuse he used was global warming, which is downright laughable. I’ll bet you believe that BS too. Remember “if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon”? He and his militant wife showed disdain for this country for 8 years. LEGAL law abiding refugees and immigrants are always welcome. But when 20 % of Muslims lean moderate and embrace sharia law and denigrate women and are anti any religion other than Islam then you’re damn right reap Americans won’t be duped by your politically correct BS, the liberally biased media and radical leftist professors indoctrinating the young. Get over yourself.

Jist remember Trump isn’t divisive he’s a blunt New Yorker and he doesn’t sugar coat. He tells it like it is.

LIBERATING isn’t it?

And by the way,  not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists have been Muslims lately. I thought Obama said they would like us if we didn’t refer to terrorist acts as radical Islam. For 8 years he appeased and embraced the politically correct BS you subscribe to. Your way doesn’t work. Keep Muslims in Muslim countries. They don’t assimilate. Build a wall. Mexicans need to come here LEGALLY and wait their turn like my ancestors did at Ellis Island and all  ‘legal’  immigrants before them. When politicians ignore our laws what does that convey to its citizens?

Lastly, go visit the religionofpeace.com and take off you blinders and use some common sense and logic.

Jim D.

I find it very interesting the city officials of Jackson Hole have taken it upon themselves to remove President Trump’s picture from City Hall.
I only hope to someday be so self righteous and wise as those who serve City of Jackson Hole. On the other hand, perhaps I really hope to remain one of those who thinks my opinion is only an opinion and not never to be confused with what might be truth.
Sad to see such a lovely place become entrenched in identity politics; I thought the people of Wyoming were more of the independent thinking types.
Thanks for reading my email.
Sincerely yours, Jacqueline S.

Mayor, you do not ever deserve the title of Mayor,  you are a small man not to place the Presidents picture in your town hall, when you need the federal government to help with a crisis, hope you at the bottom of the list where you belong.
James A.

You can take the president’s picture down and we can stop spending our money there.
Jerry M.

I am going to boycott your town and I am going to tell,everyone I know to do the same. How disrespectful of you. This America and whether you like presidential Trump or not you made a decision regarding a federal,building. Put the portrait back.
Jessica L.

Dear Mayor Muldoon,
I just read an article stating that you have removed President Trump’s photo from the walls of your city government.  Exactly what I have come to expect from a cry baby liberal that didn’t get his way.
I have visited Jackson Hole several times – always in the winter – and absolutely fell in love with it.  The people are friendly and the scenery is gorgeous.  I won’t be visiting ever again, though.
I HATED the 8 years that Obama was our president but it never entered my mind to show disrespect to him or to the office of the president.  I, like most of the country had had enough of his destruction of our country so we voted and now we have a president that we like and respect.  You state in your email that your town government (which is laughable) is not under President Trump’s chain of command.  I hope President Trump remembers that if/when – God forbid – some tragedy strikes your city and you need help from MY government.  Of course, Liberals are the only ones that would refuse to help in situations that did not benefit their political agenda so even if something happened to Jackson Hole, the conservatives would be the first to be there to help out in a disaster.  You make a reference comparing President Trump to Hitler, which is getting so tiring to listen to.  If you don’t like this country and what it stands for, then by all means, leave.  If you had lived during Hitler’s time, I doubt very seriously that you would have been able to leave just because you didn’t like him.  So stop distorting history.  Get over it Cupcake.
I don’t usually reply to all of the crap that I read now about what stupid things the liberals have done now, but for some reason, your email sounded so condescending that I just had to reply.
May God bless you and your beautiful town of Jackson Hole.
Jenalou H.
Austin, TX

Dear Don,
I have corresponded with you by email on several occasions over the past year, hopefully in a respectful and thoughtful manner. As a resident of the Town of Jackson, I am growing increasingly concerned by what I perceive to be a national political agenda being interjected into local politics. In particularly, the actions and words of the Mayor and Vice-Mayor demonstrate that their primary interest in governance is to advance an anti-Trump agenda, rather than focusing on local issues and infrastructure. It seems that recent Council resolutions such as the decision to pursue the Paris Climate Agreement agenda locally speak to symbolism and advancement of political agenda rather than really address local needs. The resolution, in particular, has been devoid of any analysis of how such a resolution will be implemented and the economic impact on jobs, taxes and infrastructure.
I believe you to be one of the more thoughtful members of the Council and I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to express my concerns personally about the direction of the Council and its future decisions. Mr. Muldoon seems to want to turn this Council into his own personal anti-Trump weapon and I think this is misguided and ultimately harmful to the city. We have many needs to address locally, without the overlay of national politics and ultra-left or ultra-right agendas.
Thanks very much for your time and I hope that we can find time to meet in the coming weeks.
Jeff W.

Sad to see your mayor has decided that you don’t see any educational value in hanging pictures of our POTUS or VP.
I see educational value in not visiting your town. Our family reunion was planned for there..cancelled those plans. We don’t live in a dictatorship..and over 62 million patriotic Americans voted. We dont need to vist Jackson Hole either.

Jean M.

Dear Mayor, after reading about your decision to not hang pictures of our POTUS and VP, our family has decided to cancel our plans to host it there.
We see educational value in that decision. There are over 62 million patriotic Americans who voted for President Trump and VP Pence. Tourism may be bleak. Enjoy.

Jean P.

Mayor Muldoon,

As someone who has been vacationing in Wyoming for 15 years now, and who bought a 2nd home in Star Valley Ranch 7 years ago, I was insulted and appalled at your very partisan, childish removal of our President’s portrait from the town hall offices.  It would not matter to me if it was Pres Obama or Pres Trump’s portrait……the action is disparaging to our country and its citizens.  The action is also creating ill-will and divisiveness…..was this your objective?  The town of Jackson is part of these great United States of America; a country that people have lost life and limb fighting for.  Fighting so people like you and I could live in freedom and pursue our passions.  I don’t know about you but I’m proud to live in America.  Our democracy is the greatest in the world.  You are in office because of and by means of our great election system.  Pres Trump is our president whether you agree with him or not.  I do recall seeing Pres Obama’s picture in town hall…..which would lead to just one conclusion:  You are unable to get past a “sore-loser” mentality.  This is harmful and frankly unbecoming of someone in public office.  Please put our great country and our rightfully-elected President above your small, personal feelings.  There are way more important issues to be thinking about and working on in Jackson.


Jeannine E.

Just read that the Mayor of your beautiful, little tourist town removed our Constitutionally elected President’s photo on personal whim and agenda.  Be very careful, Mr. mayor!  Your revenue depends almost solely upon tourist dollars and goodwill.  There are more than 63 million of us who voted for and support President Trump.  Are you insulting us, as well?  Be very careful, Mr. mayor, and think your actions through.  Major businesses  and entire department store chains have imploded because of insulting behavior by little people like you.  Be very careful, Mr. Mayor.
We loved your town and have spent a fair amount of money there in the wonderful shops on the square, but we will NOT be insulted by the town government and you will have to earn another return trip to Jackson by us.
Dr and Mrs C.
South Carolina

Take off the cowboy hat and shave the beard as those or signs of a real man which you sir are obviously not. Real men have some level of respect. Enjoy your last term.

Jason A.

Our family has vacationed in Jackson Hole for years. Now that I know you are against free speech, we will have to find somewhere else to spend our money!
Jay B.

To the mayor of Jackson hole
Who the hell do you think you are to make a judgement calling the president of the US A dictator. I don’t believe that God ever gave you, or any other living person, permission to judge someone else.
My family has travelled extensively and we have spent a lot of time and money skiing, whitewater boating, camping, and hunting in WY.  Due to your lack of respect for other people who do not share your one sided opinions,  I will no longer bring my family to my formerly adopted home of WY, especially JH for adventure and holiday.
BTW:  my family are all natives of WY.  I spent several years working in the oil fields and coal mines of WY. When energy busted in the 80s, I went to UW to study molecular biology and earned my PH.D.  I am now a Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in MN.
Dr. Jay  H.

My wife and are were planning to visit Jackson Hole next month.  We cancelled our trip.  Your actions are disgraceful.  I guess you are a bunch of left wing zealots.

James M.

I was planning a vacation to you City.  We cancelled plans.  A disgraceful decision on your part.  Par for lib!

James B.

Hey Jackass,
If you weren’t trying to make a lame ass political statement you would not have broadcast to the rest of the nation that you were removing Trump’s portrait and making reference to a dictatorship, especially in light of the fact that you had zero issue with displaying the previous president’s portrait who infamously stated that he didn’t need Congress because he had a blackberry and a pen!
What you have accomplished is to prove beyond any doubt that you are as stupid as the sheep that graze in Wyoming!
I didn’t vote for Trump, or Obama, or Clinton but regardless of who I voted for the person who is elected by the system that has been in place for more time than Wyoming has been a state entitles the duly elected president with a certain level of respect even when they are not of the same political mindset as yourself.  Your attitude is exactly why this nation is rapidly going to hell at a break neck pace.  In my more than 60 years over 45 of which I have spent following the political system in our country, I have never seen the level of intolerance that is shown now by people who profess to tolerate diversity. Apparently in the Liberal/Progressive party today, tolerance only applies to those who hold the same beliefs that you do.  There is another group in the world today that practices the same type of tolerance, you probably know of them as Radical Islamic Terrorists.  Do you honestly think that is the company you want to be associated with?
Down in Oklahoma we say “stupid is as stupid does”, I will have that phrase emblazoned with your portrait for a new number sticker!
Jim D.

Removing Trump’s portrait makes you one gigantic asshole.  People like you and Barrack Obama  are the ones who are pushing the U.S. Away from the values that built this country.

James P.

I think it is very sad that we will not be visiting Jackson WY due to the desition that was made about hanging the Presidents photo.  He is the president of the USA and we should show respect regardless of our personal opinions.  You, ‘Mayor’ are an elected official who represents ‘the people’ of Jackson.
Jami C., Harrisburg, IL

I read the article regarding your removal of the Presidential portrait due to your hyper sensitive politically correct view of the world.     You have exercised your right and now I’ll exercise my right.
My choice is to no longer vacation with my family in Jackson Hole.   I’ll also encourage everyone I know to do the same.
Jack C.

Muldoon…..you’re such a weak asshole. Still sucking on your mommas nipple, or Hillary’s.
Things don’t go your way……cry baby cry.
You work for the citizens.
Don’t like Trump….fine go home and take his picture off the wall.
Just cancelled my hotel reservation/ vacation to JH and will spend the two weeks in Crest Butte, MT.
4  rooms, food, local fun, etc……not in JH…..never will until you are gone.
Pathetic child.
Henry R.

Just wanted to say Kudos to all of you and especially to Mayor Muldoon for signing on to the Climate Mayors to continue to uphold the Paris agreement.

And also kudos for pulling down the President’s photo.  In my opinion, this sends the message that Jackson is open to all people, of all types, colors and religions.

In my opinion that is true western hospitality,

Thanks again,

Hans F.

Mr. Muldoon,
After reading about your decision to remove a portrait of President Trump because you said “we do not live in a dictatorship.” I was taken a bit back. No matter what your personal feelings are (and you CLEARLY used you personal feelings),  one should never put their selfish, personal feelings first. I am a resident of South Dakota, 67 years old and a staunch conservative. I very much believe a person is entitled to their own opinion but is quite wrong in expressing that in a public forum. I would really like to say that liberals are socialistic dweebs (do you know what a dweeb is, you should, you are one), but always stop myself short of outwardly saying that because it is not right. Just like MANY liberal, socialistic dweebs, you have shown your true colors…by the way, are you aware of the clear fact that you got your liberal a…. handed to you in the ’16 election? You did, hard core.
I do not comment, ever, about negative actions by anyone but I must say, you are SO crystal clearly out of control by your personal hatred of a man that the American people overwhelmingly voted for and who wants to make this country run in a capitalistic, democratic way (as it was and should) that I had enough of dweebs like yourself who say do as I say, not as I do. My thoughts and feelings of (yes, I’m stereotyping) phony, two faced people like yourself are not good at all, to say the very least. You fit right into the amazing class of snowflake dweebs.
I lived in Pinedale Wy in the late sixties and was drafted while living there (yes, drafted, you liberal puke) about 77 miles Westerly of Jackson. There was absolutely NO openly liberal dweebs then, and the only folks that
lived in Wyoming had some mettle, unlike folks as yourself today that resort to “I’m going to tell my mommie.” How you have the position you have is beyond me; by the way, get rid of the cowboy hat…you don’t fool a soul, dweeb! By the way, in my whole life, I have NEVER  seen a more incompetent dweeb and his administration and the direction they wanted to take this country then the past “president.”
If you have anything to say or whatever, I am reachable below. You are sadly pathetic…
Greg G.

Your mayor is a disrespectful, double standard blameacrat.

He would have put Hitlery’s portrait up and saluted it if she had been elected.

Scratch ever visiting your town.

Greg N.

I was very disappointed to read this article.  Is it true?
We have spent a lot of time in Jackson over the years, but this petulant childish behavior leaves a very bad impression.  I don’t care who is the president Obama or Trump, regardless of who is president this “not my president” attitude needs to stop.  It is infantile and counter-productive. I think I will take my tourism dollars elsewhere this winter. Maybe we will go to Idaho or Montana instead.

Our family was in the midst of planning a summer vacation to your town next summer when I learned of your pathetic removal of our President’s picture along with with your defamatory comments.

As the patriarch I have made the decision to spend our money elsewhere in an area where patriotic Americans reside and are governed by sensible individuals.

Please do not bother responding to this message with your liberal progressive drivel it will be a waste of time

Respectfully not yours

Greer R.

For over 7 years we have selected Jackson Hole for our yearly vacation choice. Thanks to the recent decision by your mayor to not honor the President of the United States by displaying his picture, I will take my business to Colorado.

As a veteran and somebody who spent over 20 years serving this great country, how dare somebody not honor the elected President of the U.S? I just called my friend who’s writing a book about all the un-American things happening in the country and I’m hoping he’ll include this. You should all have to serve in some of the areas I have overseas and then maybe, just maybe you might start acting like a true American!


Mayor Muldoon,
Thank you for not honoring our current President while continuing to support our past President who doubled our national debt in just eight of our 240 years as a nation.
We need more biased, self centered politicians like yourself.
I will never spend another dime in your hole city.
Keep up the good PC politically biased work.
Your 15 minutes of national fame is over.
Joe H.

I read with much disgust your removing the picture of President Trump from city hall after proudly displaying the picture of Obama.  I hope you represent the majority opinion of the citizens of Jackson especially about living in a dictatorship.  Our family has visited your beautiful city and state yearly for many years but we will no longer be doing so nor contributing tax dollars to you to support what appears to be a left liberal agenda.  Maybe not real good for business.  What a shame that your petty, personal politics has to interfere with the enjoyment that your city and state have provided to so many.

Gene K.

To the Town Council,

Mayor Muldoon has proclaimed your city to be among the least welcoming and obviously nonpatriotic leftist enclaves within our country.

Your mayor, while expressing his uneducated PERSONAL opinion has now shamed your entire government structure and black balled the city from thousands of dollars in income from respectful citizens around the country.

As summer kicks in to high gear, expect all those tourist dollars to shrink.  My friends and family refuse to do business within the city or with any company based in Jackson until the President’s photo is returned AND the mayor publicly apologizes to the community who does support the president and/or who understand civics. Aby aplogy through a representative is unacceptable cowardice. If he refuses, then he should resign. If he stays, your entire town sends a clear statement to the over 63 million people who voted for President Trump that their views and business are unwelcome in Jackson.

Apparently your mayor does NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND CIVICS, and being so ignorant he represents the city? Really? He also does not understand what a dictatorship is, because HE unilaterally has made political and economic decisions for everyone in the city.

That is the ESSENCE of a dictatorship.

Thank you for your prompt attention.


  1. M.

[thumbs up icon]


Good job Jackson Hole for saying (and doing) the obvious. Don’t let the haters get you down!

It seems like just about time for a new mayor when he is worried more about office decor that controling his own personal feelings about election outcomes.

We’ve cancelled our annual trip to JH until further notice. Throttle the mayor back a couple notches and my family may reconsider our vacation options.

He is what’s wrong with America in your town.

Govy O.

Thanks to Mayor Magoo won’t be visiting Jackson Hell Hole, Wyoming anytime soon

Greg B.

Mr. Mayor and Fellow Members of the Jackson Town Council:

On our recent vacation in beautiful Wyoming, my wife and I spent three nights in Jackson. We used your airport, stayed at area hotels, rented a car locally, and dined and shopped in Jackson.

We understand you have chosen to make a statement regarding our President by removing his and the Vice President’s portraits from a municipal building.

We want to share a statement with you: We’ll be back in Wyoming, but we won’t be visiting Jackson again.

Gary W.

Richmond, VA

Remember you represent all of the citizens of Jackson! Disrespect of any President of the United States should not be tolerated!
As a former 10 year resident of Wyoming now living in Montana my family has spent a lot of money in your town but not anymore!! Do you realize the cost of your actions now?
There will be more dollars leaving your community because of your petty politics I’m sad to say.
Gary B.

I planned on coming to your state for a vacation this fall.  After seeing how disrespectful of our President you have been by removal of his portrait our plans have changed.  Vacation has now been cancelled and we will spend our time and money in the State of Michigan.


Gary R.

Not a Trumpster here but your goofy mayor is an embarrassment. Lots of great ski towns that are easier to get to than Jackson and Jackson Hole. My vacations are vacations from politics too…..won’t be back.


Thanks for politicizing Jackson and Jackson Hole. Alta, Snowbird and Steamboat beckon. Won’t be back while you’re there. Senseless.


I planned on visiting your city in the near future. After reading what your narrow minded mayor did by removing the portraits of our president and vice president, I will not be visiting and will campaign against anyone that planned on doing so.  This is part of the problem with our country. The last I saw,  you are still part of the United States of America. Despite anyone’s political affiliation,  he is our president! There have been presidents that I did not like but they were still our commander in chief! We are already a divided nation and your city is doing nothing to help the situation.  Your mayor is just trying to spew more hate and discontent. He sure doesn’t mind the federal subsidies that your city receives. Maybe your city will change its name to “Dry Hole” when you have no visitors coming in… SHAME IN YOU!!!

Gary J.

If this is true, it is certainly your right to do so…it is also my
family’s right to boycott your town and voice our objection to everyone
we know.  We are cancelling our trip there this year.  To support Obama
who has run this country into the ground and not our current President
who is trying to redo all the harm Obama did, is absolutely
disgusting… Listen so someone else besides CNN and learn all the
positives that is happening without you liberals…Just imagine what
could happen if we all worked together, but no you studied under the
Black man that created the most racially divided country since segregation.
Jackson Hole can go to HELL.
Gary L.
Meridian, Idaho

Dear Mayor,

I find the news reports disturbing that you’ve removed president Trump’s portrait from town hall and substituted a Native American portrait. Your actions as reported represent a total insult to the  US government and the duly elected president. I encourage you to rethink this concern and reinstall the President of the United States portrait in its customary location in your town hall. Discussion amongst many of my friends here in Sheridan have developed a consensus that the decision is poor and will impact individuals decisions regarding their plans to visit Jackson  during the summer and during winter vacation time. This is simply a poor reflection on your view of our great country.

Gary M.

Sheridan, WY

Mr Muldoon

Sorry to see that you and apparently the City Council of Jackson will not respect the President of the US by displaying his photo, as you presumably have

for previous holders of the office.  President Obama by his far reaching executive orders was far more dictatorial than President Trump.

As a result we are canceling our travel plans to your city and will recommend to our friends to do the same.  We do support our current President.


Gary S.
Sioux Falls, SD

I will not be returning to your city for future skiing because of your asinine comment about our president.
Yours truly
Gary from Georgia

My wife and I enjoyed our trip to your town, even contributing a substantial amount to you local economy. It is unfortunate that we will not,return under your present leadership.
Your disrespect for our elected president does not reflect well on you or your community. I can only hope that others will forgo a trip to an American city where personal beliefs out-way common respect and tradition.
Frank M.


My family and I used to visit Jackson Hole when we traveled to Montana to visit our relatives.

NO LONGER!  Though I did not vote for Donald Trump, he is the elected President of the U.S.

Is your Mayor speaking for the citizens and businesses in Jackson Hole when he openly pushes his negative views on Trump?

If so, then the citizens should be ashamed of themselves.  We do not live in a dictatorship, as he claims Trump is, but in fact that is what your Mayor is doing; acting like a dictator and pushing his socialist views on American citizens.

Shameful behavior Mr. Mayor.  I am contacting all of my friends and family to ask them to stop visiting Wyoming entirely until the President’s picture is rehung.

Frank and Sandy A.

Buckeye, AZ

Honorable Mayor;

Due to your most recent actions removing the Presidents Photos, we are cancelling our trip to the Jackson Hole area , for this upcoming Autumn. We are going to vacation in a place that respects the office of the USA, not a political crony!

Get educated on the ruin the last President left us, obviously you are unaware.

Frank C. & Family

Cape Coral , Florida

I like to say that your mayor is a complete buffoon! My family and friends and all that we can convince will boycott your POS town!
Say goodbye to millions IDIOTS!

Frank C.

Mr. Mayor,

I am in the process of purchasing a new condo in your community, hoping to relocate there. I am usually not a political person but one thing that I do is support the President of the United States, regardless of political affiliation. I was using a local realtor and attorney to assist in this sale. Removing the President’s and Vice-Presidents photos from Town Hall is troubling to me.  I was a 9/11 first responder (an NYPD Police Captain). A false narrative regarding this President has fallen to pieces mere days ago, and OUR FBI Director has repeatedly leaked sensitive documents to the news media. As a former member of Law Enforcement this is unfathomable to me.

Please reconsider your actions as it will have a direct impact on two prominent and long time Jackson Hole residents who are just trying to earn an honorable living and are currently unaware that they are potentially losing a million dollar deal. It may seem small relative to Jackson Hole real estate, but it will have a direct financial impact to two of your constituents and their families.

Thank you,

Frank F.

Nashville, Tn.

Dear Mayor,

I had set up my plans to travel to Jackson but because you won’t hang a portrait of our president I will no longer visit your city. It is a disgrace that you would even say that.

Fred L.

The only “Dictator ” I see is Mayor Muldoon ! It’s sad that he has chosen to place Jackson along side other cities with a Socialist Left Wing Agenda. Cities like Berkeley California and Chicago, Illinois. It is Mayor Muldoon that has acted as a Dictator by telling the People of Jackson to disrespect the President of the United States the Commander of our Military . Does Mayor Muldoon own City Hall or does is belong to the people of Jackson ?


Avery G.

Cheyenne, Wyoming

I had planned a visit to Jackson Hole this summer but, in light of the following, I’ve cancelled my plans.  I suspect I won’t be the only one to do so.

Full Name

The home of the a.. hole mayor.

Eric M.

I see that your mayor decided to remove the portrait of POTUS and there was a reference in the national news media in which your mayor associated POTUS with Stalin. In my opinion associating POTUS with Stalin is both highly offensive and is a gross but deliberate historical misrepresentation regardless of individual political persuasion.  We don’t live there so we don’t have to put up with your mayor. But we are not strangers either. We have been to your town over 20 times with my first visit to the area over 50 years ago with my parents. Your mayor is free to his own opinions as an individual and I support his Constitutional right to do that. In this case, he ended up speaking for your entire town. There will be an effect from us over this. We are heading back to the area this Fall and our patronage for your town has been removed from our plans.

  1. R.

Please tell you Mayor to stop acting like a whiny Liberal and put the photo’s back up of President Trump and VP Mike Pence.  You’re not a dictatorship of Jackson and should stop acting like a Liberal who can’t and won’t accept the voice of the people who elected President Trump. I used to visit every year, but will not return until the town council starts acting like mature adults rather than little children.

Evan W.

You ignorant son of a bitch. You use an Indian to hypocritically honor a minority on the ruse to make a point that is solely politically motivated. No doubt you are influenced by your feminist and non patriotic visceral rejection of tradition.

Fitz F.

It seems that the mayor does not respect the will or vote of the people, taxpayers.  Therefore I hope this city is stripped of all or any federal funds it receives.  This includes funds from state that are made possible by government funds.  These funds come fro hard working tax payers and if this city does not accept our election results and instead made the choice to promote hate against our president, defund it.  I hope y’all receive lots of emails.

FL Cattle

You need to have your head examined . You have a terrible case of TDS . I have no  idea why people like you don’t care about the working class . Does it pain you to see Trump shine a light on how corrupt you politicians are . Politicians are the lowest form of life sucking every cent from the American Worker so they can work a few days a year and become millionaires . Ask yourself how they become millionaires while ” serving the people” . You are all crooks and Trump is calling you out !

Your mayor is a jackass. That’s all , Thanks


Shame on you for your decision to take down the pictures of the President and Vice President. Like it or not they are your President and Vice President.

Former annual visitor,

  1. E.

I have been a citizen of the great state of Wyoming for 40 years.. How dare the Mayor of Jackson Hole, who represents the citizens of Jackson Hole Wyoming, not his own agenda, take down a picture of our President.. Only a “dictator” makes decisions based on his own wants and feelings, instead of the people who elected him to be their voice…

Elaine C.

What do you think taking down a picture of a nationally elected president as well as our Vice President would accomplish? This country is divided enough and YOU blame our president ? How dare you? Obama did not help with this issue at all. I have been here 42 years and have never seen such a travesty that you and your cohort Stanford have accomplished. Boy must have gotten such a big head by being elected mayor. I did not vote for you. You are a narcissistic pig. I for one will be sharing this news far and wide. Hope the only tourists that come to this, once loved town, are the Trump supporters and bikers.
Elisa H.

Please be advised that we are NOT interested in the mayors  political views and he has a hell of a nerve disrespecting the President of the United States. My family is currently making plans to sell off our properties in     Your state as we will not pay one more red cent in taxes etc. How dare he decide to remove anything without asking the citizens first. We now consider the state to be on the verge of dictatorship were Marxist Maldoon   as Mayor and not the President of the U S is heading.
Extremely disappointed and your state should hang its head in shame

Ellen H.

Dear Town Council of Jackson WY,

I understand, per news reports, that your mayor acknowledges we’re not in a dictatorship and felt compelled to remove the portraits of our president and vice president from the chamber office area.

That is fine and he/you are fully within your rights to do so. Just know, that same freedom allows me to re-route my RV vacation plans around Jackson WY to exclude any commercial support to the area until such time as another mayor is elected. I realize that my measly ~$1500.00 won’t change any lives there but I would guess I’m not the only person that feels this way.


US citizen and registered voter.

David E.

The town of Jackson — stuck up and snobbish and rich and arrogant and conceited as it is — used to be pleasant enough to stroll around for ordinary folk.

But now that you have politicized the place by removing President Trump’s portrait from the town hall, I know where Jackson’s BLACK HEART lies.

I won’t be back.

Jackson is joining the very long list of corporations that I and my family and friends will never do business with again.

And I won’t be publishing any complimentary travel destination articles about Jackson or the Tetons in the national travel magazines I write for either.

You have just RUINED JACKSON for me and my family by politicizing it.

I don’t want politics in my vacation destinations.

I go to beautiful places on vacation to have fun and relax, and there are PLENTY OF THOSE PLACES in America that respect our president.

By the way, America is not a dictatorship.

Look in the mirror.


Emily F.

Dear Mayor,

There is quite a difference between not putting a President’s photo for display and taking it down after it has been up for display. You claim that the city is a non partisan body but have shown definite partisanship by removing it.

Your statement that he won the election “under the rules we have in place” says it all. All other Presidents have also won the elections under these rules, we call it the US Constitution.  While you state you are not an arm of the Federal Government, you certainly don’t turn away any Federal funding do you.

It saddens me that people such as yourself have taken over leadership of the town that I was born and raised in.

Ed R.

To whom it may concern:

I am respectfully writing to express concern regarding this news article:
While I realize that I am not a resident of Jackson Hole, I was born 54 years ago in Wyoming and other than the years that my husband was in the military, have lived in Wyoming. Quite frankly, if this article is true, it makes me embarrassed to have “Wyoming” after the city name of Jackson Hole, which I have always considered one of the finest areas of our state.

If the town of Jackson Hole had a standing policy that no elected official’s portrait would be displayed, this would make sense. Or if it was put to a vote for the town residents to decide, then that would be understandable as well. But to have an elected official arbitrarily decide that due to his own political views, a change for a PUBLIC space would be made that singles out one particular political figure, and that such a biased and insulting message would be sent to the public media is completely unacceptable behavior. Personal views should remain just that… personal and NOT part of any government correspondence or decision. That is what this country and this fine state is all about and is what my husband fought to defend for over 21 years.
Personally, I do not like or agree with President Trump. But I do respect the United States of America, the State of Wyoming, and our great form of government which is a democracy – – meaning that no one personal view should dictate what occurs for a group of residents. It is shameful that the officials in Jackson Hole town government do not. The article speaks of “dictatorship” and it appears that word is appropriate. But not for President Trump who was legally elected to his office. Rather, for the one person or persons who dictated to their constituents their own political views.

Thank you for your time in listening.
Donna Y.
Shell, Wyoming

Mayor is an asshole

  1. M.

I’m 77 years old and first visited the Teton valley when I was 13. Every year or so we return to enjoy the Teton’s. My favorite movie is Shane and I enjoy visiting the filming locations.
I planned a trip in June and planned to stay at Teton Village this trip. I was going to bring (treat) my two grandson’s and their families this year.
I just read the ignorant comments about the picture of our President by your Mayor, how disrespectful. There is way to much of this kind of ignorant crap in our country today. It’s hard to understand how any Mayor, who is suppose to promote their town, would say something this stupid, especially publicly; I just can’t get my old mind around it.
I didn’t vote for Trump, but he is the President of the United States.
I will be canceling our plans to come to the valley. We will go somewhere else and take our $ with us. We will definitely miss the food, but not the fool mayor.
Ed M.
kuna, I’d.

We are planning a trip out west and we were going to spend days in Jackson Hole. Not now. Your decision to remove the president’s photo is un-American and un-patriotic. I find your actions deplorable. I hope other Americans make the same choice as we did and boycott your town and the merchants and businesses and citizens remove you from office at the next election. Or, you change your mind and put back the president’s photo. I spent days as a kid in Jackson Hole with my parents. I had hoped to show my wife , children, and grandchildren this great and beautiful place but you have put a sour taste in my mouth now.
Edward D.
Shepherdstown, WV

Have some respect, my family was going to vacation in jackso this year but due to the absolute disrespect the mayor and council has shown , we will be going elsewhere. If your ever in Louisiana, please go home!!

Douglas M.

I note with interest your decision to remove the current President’s photograph from your town hall.  Of course the President is not in your “chain of command”.  No one is in his chain of command except for the military.  Commander in Chief only refers to his position as our Head of State relative to the military.  A cursory review of the Constitution would be advised.
Of course, your true motives are revealed in your subsequent statements.  You don’t like the President and are sure many of your residents don’t either. Not my President, the Resistance etc.  This was clear in your reaction to the Paris Accords, an agreement that could not have been ratified.  The US will continue to push pollution control, efficient energy and better waste recycling and disposal.  It just won’t pay vast amounts to third world countries on the promise they’ll do so in future decades.    At one time we all had our political opinions which hardly impacted our economic choices.  I have been enlightened in that regard, and now have joined others in spending my money in accordance with my political, cultural and ideological beliefs.  Accordingly, I will spend my vacations in other parts of of the great Rocky Mountains.  I will miss Jackson, the great views, unique shopping, therapeutic walks, great fly fishing and refined night life. You were special to me, but not special enough to ignore you actions.  My decision to make Jackson Hole a favorite vacation spot was the result of leaving another location that decided to take political sides some years ago.  No problem, many good choices. As our economy improves you will, no doubt, see an increase in visitor traffic. I know you won’t miss me and my family.
Douglas R.
Colonel USMC (Ret)

College Station, TX

The mayor of Jackson Hole has just removed a visit there from my bucket list- pathetic!!!!
I was reading the article that JH Mayor removed my president’s photo and called him a dictator! Dictatorship, you know only a dictator would pull pictures down without anyone else’s consent! The pathetic knowledge of history has permeated even our leadership! Dictatorship – really? Stupid man. I too now removed JH off my bucket list.
Henry A. T.

Council Persons ,
I would like to express my regret that your Mayor has taken the position of not displaying the POTUS picture due to is twisted political view.
I am however happy to inform you nice people that as a result of his decision, my wife and I along with two other couples will not be vacationing in Jackson Hole this year.  It will be my goal to inform others that because Jackson is lead by an idiot that they would be better served to spend their money somewhere else.
Please keep up the good work and prepare your tourist attraction advertisement for “Jackson-Wyomings New Ghost Town”.

Donald O.

It’s come to my attention that you removed the pictures of President Trump and VP Pence from your town hall.
I consider this a direct insult to the millions of us that voted for him/them. Therefore my wife and I are changing our vacation plans and will not be visiting your area this year.
We will also ask our group (usually 7) to join us in Florida this year instead, I’m sure they will agree. Some of our group are Democrats but are not as ignorant as you people seem to be so they will also join us in the Sunshine State.
I will also post this information on Twitter and Facebook so others may have the opportunity to make vacation plans in communities that respect the Office of the President.
We hope your business people enjoy the lack of our money that you will probable never see again. Keep up the stupidity, good luck.
Donald P.

What a shame. The Great State of Wyoming and the great city of Jackson has lost all credibility. To not post a portrait of the President of the United States of America and still ask for money from the rest of the country is again a shame. I will be telling people not to spend there money or time in your city. You have my email address if you wish to respond, but i doubt that you will.
So, your saying that when that municipal building was built, you received no matching federal funding? Thats great, but what about all the other matching funds? So you see Pete, I helped your city and so did everyone else. Not to hang a portait of the president is just saying to everyone that we want what we want and we dont have any responsibilities to anyone else.

Thanks for support of me for spending my time and money.

Dennis M.

Honor members of the Town Council,

As a tax paying citizen of Teton County,

I am offended by the recent removal of the above mentioned portraits from City Hall.  It is a government and public building that should not be used by any government official’s political opinion, nor to further any one government official’s personal political agenda.  Although Chief Washakie was a great men of his time, he no longer oversees these modern times.  Please have the portraits returned to their rightful place for the due respect the presidency and democracy our great nation deserve. The Mayor should not have the sole right to decorate a government building with his personal political bias.


I do not need a lecture on your opinion.  I disagree with your comments.  Yes it is true everyone knows who the President is, but to make it your decision to remove the portraits does not demonstrate an education moment nor a bipartisan desire to govern. It shows that your decision was made without the Town Council members deciding collectively.

I am thankful to have the electoral college as it gives voice to less populated areas of the country such as ours.

The City Hall as you point out is not a federal building nor is it your personal residence to do as you please either.

I see that there is an impasse in this discussion.  I will respond no further.

Thank you for your time.


Deanne H.

I have visited Yellowstone about 20 times–and I live in Daytona Beach.  I have always spent time in Jackson.
But I will not include Jackson as a part of my future visits.
America won the election.  You lost.  America always wins.  Two can play this game.


My family will no longer be stopping in Jackson Hole in response to your actions towards the photo of the President/Vice President.

Don H.

How cowardly that you did not stop the SELF SERVING MAYOR from removing our President and Vice President portraits from the mayoral facility, or are you complicit?  Mayor, for now, Muldoon serves his own interests, and yours?  He certainly steps on my interest, a resident of Jackson.  A very offensive administration for our beautiful community.
This mayor serves only himself.  He certainly does not serve the interest of his constituents who do NOT agree with him.  What kind of a public servant steps on those he is supposed to serve, a self centered egoist. How disgraceful our community appears to be.  He should be fired!  Diane N.

Used to spend money there. No longer.
I will gladly offer up Jackson Hole as a good Muslim refugee location.

Maybe you could invite Soros/Clintons/Obama to spend $ there, I’ll be sure and tell any liberals needing a place to stay  if there homeless just how nice Jackson Hole is, soon to be was.

Dixie S.

Dear sir,
You plead President Trump is a dictator as an excuse to remove his portrait. Are you not doing the same thing by removing the portrait without consensus from the city? It appears you are a hypocrite.
If anything, you should at least have respect for the Office of the President.
In my humble opinion you are a low class political hack. I hope this affects the tourism to your city, and the citizens hold you personally responsible.
I will not support your city in the future.
David D.

You have every right to display the photos that you choose in your town hall, but this is clearly a show of disrespect for the office of the president of our country.
We were planning on a visit to your city on our tour of your part of the country later in the summer.  Instead we will be choosing to spend our time and money elsewhere.
Dennis D.

Since the mayor has decided to take down the picture of our President we have decided to cancel our trip to Jackson Hole. Now, that’s a fair exchange don’t you think.

Dennis G.

Dear Members of the Town Council of Jackson, Wyoming,
I admire you for taking a visible, principled stand by removing from public display the portraits of individuals whose divisiveness is undeserving of the respect of your community.
Well done!
Best wishes,
Nancy D.
San Jose, CA

If the reports are true, the government officials of Jackson are pathetic citizens of the United States of America.  To remove the portrait of a sitting President after having hung the portrait of the previous Marxist/socialist and divider-in-chief president for a full eight-year term is, well…simply un-American.  Shame on you all.  Too bad.  You know, folks in fly-over country take vacations, too…
Debra S.

Mr. Muldoon,
I am appalled that you would be so disrespectful as to take down the image of our president, Donald J. Trump and refer to him as a dictator. You are unAmerican and should be ashamed of yourself. My husband and I and several couples were planning a July weekend in Jackson Hole. We have all agreed that will not be happening!
Debbie W.

So, you want to remove the President and Vice President’s portrait because we don’t live in a dictatorship? If you take a look back in history you will see that our country has honored our leaders with hung portraits for a very long time. My husband and I come to Jackson every summer for some R and R and our children and their significant others during the winter to ski and snowboard.   We have decided that we will not be doing it this year because of your disrespectfulness  to our President and Vice President. Please Let us know if you change your mind and we will be more than happy to return.  If not, we won’t. Thank you for your time, DeDe B.

Well Pete, it looks like the power and prestige of becoming Mayor has gone to your head and that the adage “power corrupts” is true.  Your independent decision to undue an 80 year old tradition in order to express your personal political agenda and risk the political division of a community is unwise. Hopefully you will seek the mature counsel of others prior to making future decisions that will impact the community.
Dave J.

I am going to guess that you are a transplant and not a native Wyomingite. My guess is you are from some liberal venue=85=85maybe California.
You=92re right, we do not live in a dictatorship and no one, certainly not Trump, is saying the President=92s photo must be on display.
But answer me this pilgrim, who made the decision on which President=92s photo should or should not be on display?  Did the citizens of the Town of Jackson Hole collectively decide?  Did you put it to a referendum so the people could choose?  Or did you play dictator and make the decision by yourself?
If you made the decision by yourself you are nothing but a hypocrite=85=85.with what appears to be dictator type tendencies.
Best Regards,
Dave P.

Hello Pmuldoon, Just  too  hard  to  find respect for a republican, eh? If you think President  Trump  is  a  dictator,  then you must be one brainwashed liberal fuck.
–Best regards,
David T.

I heard that you took down President’s Trump portrait.  One reason I read was something you said about dictators.  Don’t you think the previous president ever acted like a dictator?
Do you really know what happened with the IRS scandal, Benghazi scandal or the Fast and Furious scandal not to mention the horrible Iran deal I visit Jackson Hole when I come out to Yellowstone every summer.
Not this year.
Dean Z.

We will remember which side you chose.  What an awful example you are creating.
I won’t be back this summer – I think we’ll take the family over to West Yellowstone instead.
David D.
Leesburg, Virginia

We just cancelled our school Winter Trip plans to visit Jackson Hole for 500 students. If we wanted to visit communist communities with fascist leaders like you, we would visit China.
Heil Muldoon!
Daniel M.

Of course as someone who comes from a family that has served and defended this nation in World War II, Vietnam and the Gulf War I know firsthand of your freedom to do just that.  Petty as it may be and as small as you seem in your reaction to losing an election you must have thought was in the bag for Hillary it is still your right to act as petty and stupid as you want.
Of course it is also my right to boycott Jackson Hole and your actions as I consider where to go skiing, visit on vacation etc.
So I will not be visiting your town of dis-respect and will encourage all that I know to avoid your town and your liberal dis-respectful ways as long as you remain mayor and perhaps beyond.
Dale P.

Your stance on the portraits of Trump and Pence is disappointing and these tactics smack of elitism and personal preference.
You barely won the mayoral vote last year. Perhaps you should focus on local issues.
Needless to say, my travel dollars won’t be headed to your city this year. It’s a shame.

Dan H.

We support Trump. Your opinion doesn’t represent many people living in Jackson Hole. He is our President.

Cynthia B.

Are you expecting federal funding for ANYTHING in your town?
Disrespecting the President is NOT the way to do it….By the way, MAYOR, and other idiots you people elected, Dictators are NOT voted in by YOUR PEERS which is how President Trump became President. You are really teaching the youngsters how to be a diplomat aren’t you?!?!?
Move to Mexico. Any questions?
You can reach me here:
Cristie A.
Anchorage, Alaska

I understand why you did it, but you are wrong.
Obama was very decisive too, but you were OK with his picture.
The liberals did not win in Jackson by that big a margin, so you have alienated a large portion of your constituency.
This is another reason I lie about where I am from if I am outside Teton County.


Great picture of you. When I saw it I thought “wow!”

We have Chuck Norris as Mayor!

Chris S.

Mr. Mayor,
Your point of views are personal and so they justify why YOU may not want to display the picture of President Donald J. Trump in your home or apartment.
Former President Barack H. Obama’s picture was on the wall at Jackson City Hall, I’m assuming since his first election win. You personal decision to remove the current president, U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s picture is selfish and infact partisan.

If on the day you took office you removed the President’s picture and spewed your current views at that time then you MAY have had a credible stance. Today you have no credibility.


You, sir, are the dictator by refusing to hang the portrait of our ELECTED president…. you are a hypocrit!


You should be ashamed of yourselves
Trump is president and has done more than Obama ever could think of doing
I’m sure you’ll still take fed money tho
Can’t believe I’d live to see the day Wyoming became a liberal sad state

Christian M.

I just read that your Mayor has chosen to openly disrespect the President of the United States. The Mayor has every right to express an opinion, and I have every right to change our vacation plans. Instead of my family spending eight days in your town, the seven of us have decided to vacation in Big Sky, Montana.
Thank you.
Sent from my iPhone
Chad C.

I want to know if you had a picture of obama up.  You saw fit to take down President Trump’s official portrait & yet not obamas?  How dare you?  I didn’t want to come back to your shitty town anyway.  You obviously do NOT need Republican or Conservative business.
C.D. G.

How much of your revenue is because of the tourist industry?  I personally see no reason to visit a town that disrespects my President

Cheryl L.

This council of people are hypocrites for removing a sitting president. It’s your choice just like it is to spread the word of hypocrites and liars in your town. I just left Jackson and you can bet we won’t be returning as long as your hypocrisy prevails. We will also gladly spread the word about your hate speeches and your ignorance.

Carlos L.

President Donald Trump Was lawfully elected by the American People and you should respect our decision and put his Picture back up.  Your acting like many other liberal democrats that still have not accepted the fact their candidate lost.  It’s time to Go Make America Great Again and respect our President and Vice President and hang their pictures up.

I am an avid outdoorsman from Minnesota that is highly educated and own several businesses.  I have visited your town many times both on outdoors oriented trips and with family and friends.  We have generally enjoyed the area every time.  When I read you have aligned yourselves so tightly with the liberal left exclusively by changing your policy of having a picture of our current president I was appalled.  You have joined the “chicken little syndrome” that shows you are indeed intolerant of Americans that do not do and think as you do.  This country elected a president!  What a disgraceful behavior you exhibit for your families, community, and anyone who visits your sad town.  All the lunatics like democratic politicians, the MSM, and Kathy Griffin are basically trying to get our president killed and you morons are helping endorse that pathetic, moronic behavior.
I shall never set foot in your town again and I will make sure all of my friends, family, and those I often go on outdoors trips with will never visit your town.
Hang your heads in shame as you should!
May God truly Bless America!

Bruce J.

Who is the dictator now? Remember your just an asshat mayor.

Bryce H.

While you have every right to choose whose portrait hangs in city hall, your choice of descriptions displays your arrogance, ignorance and lack of patriotism. You were fine with having the most corrupt president in history being displayed yet choose to compare our current president to Stalin? You should be ashamed. I know where I won’t be spending any money as long as you remain in office. You are the epitome of today’s liberal, always wanting something for free.


You sir are a self righteous liberal ass! The people of Wyoming voted for Trump… just remember that. Put the picture back up!
Brad B.

Very sad! glad I have no desire to visit your town good luck with the publicity

Bo L.

I find you people disgusting. The only “dictatorship” being done is by the Mayor and Council. There are many patriots who voted for President Trump in Jackson Hole. You just spit on them like they are nothing. You put up Obama’s portrait and then shit on America when someone you disapprove of is elected. The Mayor should take off his stupid ass cowboy hat and stop being an Anti American ASSHOLE
Bob D;.

i have to agree with paul vogelheim on this picture change.  i hope you will put trump back up, whether or not you keep chief washikie.  one of the worse things about trump is his disrespect for the norms and traditions of our institutions.  it has become our norm and tradition to have a picture of the president in the town hall.  plus, one hopes elected officials represent ALL the people of the town, and some of them voted for trump.  to take his picture down is an unnecessary slap in their face.  moreover, was this a unilateral action by the mayor?  if so, should not have been.  again, that seems just like trump to impulsivley do something that has unanticipated and maybe unintended impacts.

Beverly B.

Ill never visit your city again.

No name


I just read an article that you removed the portraits of President Trump and Vice President Pence. The reason you gave for the removal is that we don’t live under a dictatorship. Ugh, yes, that’s correct. You stated that the two reasons to hang the photos would be for educational purposes and to honor the commander in chief. I assume you had Obama and Biden’s photos displayed? Whether or not you supported the president when he ran for office, he is our president and with that comes respect for his office. You don’t like the current administration, then you make changes when you go to the voting booth. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not. You shouldn’t be able to make the decision to not display the photos. It’s very hypocritical to hang the past president and not Trump. Please get over yourself, your actions are really embarrassing to your office.

Barbara B.

Just a few thoughts if you will indulge an opinion from the “other side”.  I understand you all have elected to remove the current presidential portrait.
Please know that not all Americans agreed with the prior president and his policies nor all of the current presidential utterances. I am embarrassed for you and your decision; what happened to respect? Can you assure me that when the next party ascends (the pendulum always swings)  to the office of President you all will stand with your decision, or is this just so much partisan team allegiance?  More political noise while accomplishing nothing except more taxes, more bickering, more government, and more chest thumping.
Thank you for your time.
Andrew R.

You should be ashamed of yourself! Obama was the most politically decisive president in history. I couldn’t stand Obama! Now we finally have a good president and you take his picture down. Bye sir! Put his picture back up now!
Angela E.

On next trip out west . Feel free to remove portrait of president & my family will b free to avoid spending ur hard earned $ in ur town.

Anita G.

As a taxpayer in Teton County, I find it reprehensible and offensive that Mayor Muldoon and Jim Stanford have decided to replace President Trump and Vice- presidents Pence photo’s in the town hall. What they may find humorous…others do not.
As elected representatives they owe it to their residents to be ” uniters…..not dividers”.
Their blatant political opinions do not reflect all  those who pay taxes in Jackson.
When our elected officials intentionally take divisive actions based on their own political bent, they only harm and divide our community.
Mr. Muldoon said he ” is respecting all members of the community”. Sir you are not!
Your irresponsible actions may well cost Jackson economic losses as some pro Trump/ Pence travelers may now decide not to spend their hard earned dollars in a town that the mayor and council member have so blatantly shown their bias towards our nations President and vice- president.
What you and Jim Stanford originally thought humorous has now gone out to news networks around the country and has put our great town in a negative light.
You both should be ashamed of yourselves as your immature action in replacing the long term tradition of having sitting Presidents/ Vice-presidents photo’s in Town Hall really only speaks to your incredible short sightedness and lack of any leadership capabilities.
The town of Jackson would be much better served for you both to step down;  You both are a disgrace to our community.
Ann C.

How childish of you to order the removal of President Trump’s photo from city hall.   He is our President and your disrespect is beyond belief.  And you claim to be a leader?
Oh by the way, I didn’t vote for Trump but I respect the office of the President.  People like you that are doing everything possible to defame him and disrupt the administration, with no basis for doing so, are really very childish.
Nelson B.

I whole heartily commend your decision to remove the presidential photos from your town hall, and the replacement photos are stupendous!
Nicely done!
Alison B.- Colorado

This man( if you can call him that ) is an excuse of an American for shaming the president of the United States.  His abhorrent actions is unforgivable and will become a signature for freedom loving citizens that voted for the President to stay out of your town as an act of defiance that includes many hunters that have visited in the past.  I am quite surprised that he hasn’t invited the Islamic Terrorist that are already in the country to move in by creating a sanctuary  so that he an the council can protect them, it would be a great place to hide out.

Alan C.

Really? Removing the President’s and Vice President’s pictures because of your not being satisfied with the outcome of the election. Just so you know, I am satisfied with the outcome as well as thousands of other people. Many of whom, including me and my family, vaction there in the winter. We won’t be back until which time you’re out of office or/and the pictures are replaced. You should know better than to insert your personal opinions into such a public job especially in a tourist dependant community. I visited your town while you proudly displayed the former president and never considered not going because of it.
Stacey C.

How soon can we UN-elect that president hating, liberal Mayor?

Acton Law Man

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