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HOBACK, WY — Officials have determined the causes of death for two adults who died under suspicious circumstances in Hoback this week.

Teton County Coroner Brent Blue confirmed the causes and manners of death with Buckrail last night. Both “Babs” Barbel Munz and Heinrich “Heinz” Johann Karl Munz died by gunshot wounds. Babs’ death was determined to be by homicide, Heinz’s by suicide.

Teton County Sheriff’s Deputy Dave Hodges said the investigation is ongoing, but in the absence of a motive or a living suspect, his office is looking for “closure for closure’s sake.”

“There will always be a cloud of mystery around the exact motive,” Hodges said. “We have working theories, but in the end, that’s all they’ll be.”

Hodges said there was no history of violence in the family. There was no note or documentation to offer a motive. Hodges said a few witnesses reported receiving emails from Heinz that, in hindsight, make more sense — “he wanted to make sure his affairs were in order,” Hodges said. Still, Hodges and his team will “only be able to give a broad stroke of motive, otherwise it’s just speculation.”

The couple was found deceased in their home Wednesday afternoon by a physical therapist, who was treating Heinz after a hip replacement surgery (initial reports said she was a home nurse).

Dr. Blue estimated both times of death as 10 p.m. September 2 (Labor Day), give or take two hours. Hodges said eyewitness interviews will, hopefully, paint a clearer picture.

The Sheriff’s Office will release a complete report sometime next week, Hodges said.

UPDATE: Two GoFundMe campaigns have been made for the Munz’s grown sons, Caelen and Andrew. Both are Jackson locals living in town. The funds are intended to ease financial burdens and give each son time to grieve.

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