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WYOMING — Governor Mark Gordon took action on 25 bills on Thursday, April 1. Among the bills signed into law today were two that the Governor enthusiastically supported –  House Bill 58 and Senate File 116.

HB 58 allows the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources the flexibility to use more of their fees to offset recent budget reductions. State Parks saw a 36% increase in visitation last year and expects similar, higher visitation this year. The bill provides the agency with the ability to fund park maintenance and hire seasonal staff, improving the visitor experience.

SF 116 will help the Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors operate more efficiently and increase engagement. Maximizing government efficiency was one of the goals highlighted by the Governor in his State of the State address and this piece of legislation furthers that goal.

The Governor signed the following bills:

Bill No. Enrolled Act # Bill Title
SF0035 SEA0015 State budget department
SF0021 SEA0016 Judicial review of agency actions-permissible venues
SF0023 SEA0017 Public meetings-executive sessions for security plans
SF0119 SEA0018 Investment of state permanent funds
SF0079 SEA0020 Medicaid billing for school-based services.
SF0072 SEA0021 Financial council and reporting-budget reductions.
SF0062 SEA0022 Repealing sunset date for the office of consumer advocate.
SF0040 SEA0023 Wyoming Money Transmitters Act-amendments.
SF0039 SEA0024 Digital identity.
SF0106 SEA0027 Transportation statutory amendments-1.
SF0107 SEA0028 Transportation statutory amendments-2.
SF0108 SEA0029 Career and technical education terminology.
SF0110 SEA0030 Small claims procedures.
SF0116 SEA0031 Wyoming business council directors-reduction.
HB0054 HEA0030 Wyoming meat packing initiative.
HB0058 HEA0031 State parks account-expenditure authority.
HB0014 HEA0034 Rights of way along public ways-amendments.
HB0021 HEA0035 Wyoming National Guard-preference for education.
HB0076 HEA0037 Uniform statewide payment processing.
HB0109 HEA0038 Local health officers-education requirements.
HB0148 HEA0039 Fees paid to secretary of state-amendments.
HB0064 HEA0040 Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act-extinguishing claims.
HB0079 HEA0041 Subdivisions.
HB0104 HEA0042 Uniform Trust Code-amendments.
HB0217 HEA0044 Community health center and rural health clinic grants.

The full list of bills the Governor has taken action on during the 2021 Legislative Session can be found on the Governor’s website. 

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