JACKSON, Wyo. – Noting increased usage of campgrounds throughout the state as far back as February, Governor Mark Gordon said the opening of state campgrounds will begin in May and be limited to Wyoming residents only.

“Our Wyoming campgrounds had ‘June’ numbers in February,” Gordon said, referring to a volume of traffic noted across the state in campgrounds at the beginning of the pandemic that were more comparable to those typically experienced in June. “Cars and campers came from North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Utah, and Montana.”

Parks and campgrounds will operate under some new procedures, including a reservation system.

Gordon also announced an extension of the state’s 14-day quarantine directive for out of state visitors until May 8.

“We remain concerned about the travel of potentially infected people to our state,” Gordon said.

Wyoming has the least deaths (7) related to COVID-19 of any other in the U.S., and one of the lowest number of total cases (536)—second only to Montana’s 451.