Gills restrict land by covenant, lots guaranteed for Teton County workers

JACKSON, Wyo — The Gill Family announced today that they have recorded a restrictive covenant on their land that guarantees 65% of the lots in the High School Road Housing proposal will be for Teton County workers.

Legally binding their land answers the question of how the public can be assured that up to 203 workforce homes will be permanent housing inventory for local workers. Restrictive covenants bind the land itself.

The Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch proposed Northern South Park housing in 1994. Photo: Jim Evans/Jackson Hole News

Amberley Baker and Bill Schwartz, legal representatives for the Gills, each confirmed the restrictive covenant is now part of the land title and requires that 65% of any lots on the property are deed-restricted for local workforce housing.

“The Porter and Gill families have a long history of going above and beyond for Jackson Hole. They made the land available for the hospital and high school, they gave the Town the easement it needed across their ranch for municipal sewer lines, they’ve kept their ranch in ag use, and they’ve preserved more historic buildings on the Town Square than anyone. And now on their own initiative, they’ve voluntarily restricted their land to provide an opportunity for hundreds of our local health care workers, educators, non-profit employees, and others to actually live in the community where they work,” said Schwartz.

Baker added, “This community struggles with supply of land for workforce inventory – with the Gill’s commitment and generosity, we now have guaranteed supply.”

Nikki Gill said, “We are committed as a family, along with strong support for this project throughout the community, to make workforce housing in Teton County a reality now. We need critical housing in our valley for our health care workers and educators and more. We need housing without delay. This is an exciting announcement, and I sincerely hope it makes crystal clear our intent.”

Habitat of the Tetons will be gifted 30-40 lots and St. John’s Health anticipates owning and deed restricting lots for in-valley health care workers.

The project is at the rezone stage. Site plans and development details will occur at the sketch plan stage in 2021, provided the workforce housing rezone advances.

Follow the project’s progress and learn more via the project’s website:


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