Get an inside look at New West knife factory & National Knife Day Sale

JACKSON, Wyo. — It’s been just over a year since New West KnifeWorks manufacturing moved from a small workshop on Gregory Lane to a 10,000 square-foot facility in Victor.

Now, they’re finally popping open the hood so the world can see the process behind their locally-made knives, which have been touted as “America’s best” by Cooking Light and as “beautiful as they are useful” by the New York Times.

The National Knife Day Sale will continue at New West through August 31. All knife purchases come with free sharpening for life. Photo: New West KnifeWorks

Check out the footage in the above video of the New West knife makers in action and more behind the scenes insights from the team.

For locals who’s don’t have a New West Knife in their kitchen or hunting kit just yet, the National Knife Day Sale going on through August 31 is the perfect time to take the plunge. The sale includes discounts on chef knives, hunting knives, custom Damascus and pocket knives.

In addition to shopping for new knives, now is also a great time to give your current knives a fresh edge with New West’s top-notch sharpening services.

The Jackson retail space received a recent upgrade offering a unique shopping experience to make the journey to Town Square well worth the effort. For those who prefer to shop online from the comfort of home, items can be purchased by phone at (877) 258-0100 or online for in-store pick-up or direct shipment.

New West knife makers take pride in blending modern manufacturing with incredible hand skill. Photo: New West KnifeWorks

“I think what’s really cool about our process of making knives is that there’s so much precision… modern manufacturing, but then it also requires this incredible hand skill,” said New West KnifeWorks founder Corey Milligan.

“What I’m most proud of is that I was able to figure out — I mean it took 25 years — but how to go from making knives in my spare bedroom to having a factory that can produce the finest knives in the world.”

Stop by New West KnifeWorks on the Town Square at 98 Center Street or visit to take advantage of their annual National Knife Day Sale through August 31. Masks are required in-store for safe shopping. New West knives are 100% made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee and free sharpening for life.

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