“From Pasture to Plate” – Support local agriculture and form a relationship with the people who raise your food.

(Jackson Hole, Wyo.) – The Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch, a fifth generation family owned and operated Hereford cattle ranch, wants to preserve and share their family’s ranching tradition within their community. In doing so, they have created a Community Supporting Agriculture (CSA) program.

By providing a beef CSA, the Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch is creating an opportunity for people to feel more connected to the land and where their food comes from. When you become a member of CSA, you are forming a relationship with the people who raise your food, and in return they are committed to raising your food with sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. You also know that your food is grown locally, handled minimally, and not shipped from across the country or even across the world!

CSA brings together community members, farmers and agricultural land in a relationship of mutual support based on a commitment to one another – a commitment that ensures the survival of local farms today and for future generations.

Do you want to become a CSA member? There are two different payment options to choose from, pay in full or on a monthly basis. You can retrieve your share each month from the Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch, the empty lot across from the Snow King ball field, or have it delivered to your home for an extra fee.

“From pasture to plate” — support local agriculture and form a relationship with the people who raise your food.

<<CLICK HERE to become a CSA Member and to learn more.>>

Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch

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Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch

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