Franz Camenzind laments loss of quieter, more natural wilderness experiences

JACKSON, Wyo. — Attention birders and conservationists, alike: JH Bird and Nature Club will host special guest speaker Franz Camenzind this Tuesday, January 14 at 6 p.m.

Camenzind will speak on a wide range of topics that all gravitate toward maintaining a “quiet” presence in wilderness in order to enjoy nature and its creatures. More and more, as growth and development encroach on habitat, Camenzind’s message has never been so important.

“How does flying down a zipline faster than the county’s posted speed limit for vehicles generate appreciation for the calliope hummingbird you can’t see feeding on the carpet of wildflowers far below?” Camenzind recently remarked. Snow King Mountain recently received approval from the town to construct a zipline on the Town Hill. Final approval must come from the Forest Service before it can be built.

“Or how does a mountain biker screaming and careening over a manufactured ‘backcountry’ jump garner appreciation for the elk and deer long departed from the scene?” Camenzind further posits.

More on Franz

For almost 50 years, Dr. Franz Camenzind has been one of Jackson Hole’s and Greater Yellowstone’s leading advocates for wildlife and wilderness. He is a prolific conservation writer, respected researcher, and award-winning wildlife cinematographer.

Camenzind was the first person to film giant pandas in the wilds of China. He has also produced films featuring wolves, grizzly bears, black rhinos and pronghorn.

Camenzind was the Executive Director of the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance for 13 years, establishing it as a powerful voice for conservation and responsible planning. He was also a founding member of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

Camenzind Franz holds a B.S. in Biology, an MS in Zoology, and a PhD in Zoology. His doctoral research on the ecology and behavior of free-ranging coyotes in Jackson Hole was the first to document hierarchical and territorial behavioral patterns in relatively unmolested coyote populations.


Camenzind will share his perspectives on the rapid loss of natural values in an increasing landscape of mechanized “recreational” experiences. A Very Special Evening with Franz Camenzind, presented by the Jackson Hole Bird & Nature Club. Tuesday January 14, from 6-8 p.m. at the Teton County Library Ordway Auditorium.

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