UPDATE (6:05pm): According to the Town of Jackson Public Works Department, there is some good news to report. Initially, it was feared the snow that slid off the butte had piled up in Flat Creek, turned to ice and damned the flow, causing flooding in Meadowbrook. At least that’s the way it has worked in the past. 

But this time there was so much snow a lot of it ended up whooshing right over the creek and onto the other side. What did end up in the water, froze for a little while but broke up quickly with temperatures today being fairly moderate for winter. Public Works monitored the creek level and were satisfied by early evening that there would not be any substantial flooding issues. Not for now, anyway. 

The town is attending to some flooding issues in Meadowbrook Apartments behind Loaf n’ Jug. If you are a tenant there or more importantly, if you have a vehicle parked in that lot, please move it so public works can access the area and mitigate the flooding.

According to Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center, avalanche debris temporarily blocked Flat Creek. It appears the avalanche blew the surface ice off Flat Creek and put a chunk into the passenger-side windshield of a now-totaled pickup, which was on the far side of the waterway from the slide path.

One truck in the parking lot was buried and completely;y totaled in the event. (Courtesy)