Education Foundation, Rotary Club announce 2019 grant winners

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Teton County Education Foundation and the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole announced the winners of the 2019 Rotary Club Quality Educator Grants.

“These grants are designed to celebrate the teachers in our community who go above and beyond,” said Jennifer Jellen, Executive Director of Teton County Education Foundation, which helps administer the grants. “We’re so grateful for partners, like the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole. Their generous funding of these grants provides essential support to our teachers as they work to create true excellence in public education.”

This year’s recipients plan to use the funds for a variety of projects including classroom improvements, professional development training, and direct support of student needs.

“We congratulate each and every applicant to the program, and are proud to announce the 2019 winners, selected by the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole,” Jellen added.

Winners are:

Carrie Varga – Colter Elementary School
Kate Kool – Jackson Elementary School
Jenny Rogers – Wilson Elementary School
Stephanie Sloan – Jackson Hole Middle School
Amanda Howell – Colter Elementary School
Scott Eastman – Munger Mountain Elementary School
Kjera Griffith – Munger Mountain Elementary School
David Wells – Jackson Hole Middle School
Greg Poduska – Jackson Hole Middle School
Kate Hudasko – Wilson Elementary School
Stan Morgan – Summit Innovations School
Beth Eastman – Jackson Hole High School
Charlotte DiPrisco – Colter Elementary School
Michelle Brown – Jackson Elementary School
Morgane Van Voorst – Jackson Hole Middle school
Carl Shuptrine – Jackson Hole High School
Briana Olivares Rodriguez – Jackson Hole Middle School
Cathy Parrott – Jackson Hole Middle School
Shelly Paciulli- Jackson Hole Middle School
Esther Ellis – Wilson, Kelly, and Moran Elementary Schools
Lee Anne Mackay – Jackson Elementary School
Cate Finlay – Jackson Elementary School
Stephanie Capps – Alta, Wilson, Kelly, and Moran Elementary Schools
Colleen Maestas – Jackson Hole High School

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