WYOMING – In the early morning of Saturday, October 20 a vehicle transporting 47 dogs from overcrowded Texas animal shelters bound for rescue organizations and adopters in Montana and Washington was involved in a car accident on I-25 near Douglas, Wyoming. The transport vehicle was totaled. Terrified dogs were everywhere—some inside mangled cages and others attempting to escape the scene in the middle of the night.

Many agencies came together to get the dogs where they needed to be.

Sadly, one dog was killed on impact. Another was killed later after running around on the highway, it was struck by a car.

Local agencies managed to secure 45 of the dogs and brought them to a temporary staging location. These dogs were left stranded and in need of immediate transport.

That’s when Dog Is My CoPilot stepped in. The following day, after receiving veterinary attention and medical checks the dogs were loaded onto the ‘Big Dog,’—DIMC’s Cessna 208B Grand Caravan—and the furry passengers were airborne with Pilot Peter.


Dog is my CoPilot was able to transport 45 dogs at a moment’s notice thanks for the ‘Big Dog’ Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. (DIMC)

“When we were contacted to help transport the dogs stranded in Douglas, we just couldn’t say no,” said founder and chief pilot, Dr. Peter Rork. “So I jumped in the plane at 5:30am and flew to Douglas, Wyoming and picked up the dogs. We dropped off a few passengers in Missoula, and the remaining in Wenatchee, Washington.”

Six dogs were left with adopters and rescue groups in Missoula. The remaining 38 dogs landed safely in Wenatchee where the Seattle Humane Society received the lucky litter for eventual distribution to homes in that area.

Many agencies and volunteers from around the country came together at a moments notice. Dog Is My CoPilot was one of dozens who rose to the occasion and pulled off an amazing emergency rescue.