HOBACK, Wyo. — Teton County is encouraging drivers using Hoback Junction South Road to use extreme caution in the event that emergency services need to access residents and workers at the Snake River Sporting Club and Hoback Junction South Road, according to a press release issued by the County today, Dec. 9.

“Emergency services have plans in place to reach Snake River Sporting Club for life safety incidents but asks all workers and residents to be extra vigilant with fire and ignition sources as emergency response will be significantly delayed,” says the County.

A semi-truck struck the Astoria Bridge yesterday, Dec. 8, causing structural damage. Photo: Courtesy Teton County

Hoback Junction South Road was recently opened following the Astoria Bridge closure. A semi-truck struck the bridge yesterday morning, Dec. 8, causing structural damage and prompting an immediate closure.

Teton County Road and Levee crews worked to plow, sand and widen the Hoback Junction South Road to reconnect access for residents and Snake River Sporting Club.

According to the county, this route is considered a critical emergency access lifeline. “Teton County Road and Levee are working to keep the road as safe as possible, but it is not designed for high traffic levels,” states the release.

“The public is encouraged to use extreme caution when driving on this road, especially in wintery conditions,” Teton County Emergency Management Coordinator Rich Ochs said. “A single slide-off or accident may prevent emergency access for hundreds of people, putting lives at risk.”

The County is suggesting only vehicles with high clearance all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive with good now tires use the road.

According to the release, the Snake River Sporting Club, which owns the bridge, is still waiting for the results of a formal bridge assessment before formulating long-term transportation and access plans.