Community campaigns to match Winter Production challenge grant

JACKSON, Wyo. — A community campaign to match grant funding is underway for the 2019 Winter Production of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”

An anonymous donor has approached Dancers’ Workshop, which produces the Winter Production as part of its annual calendar, with a dollar-for-dollar $30,000 dollar challenge grant opportunity, and a community-wide effort is now underway to aid the performance school to Meet-Their-Match.

Inspired by the storyline of the Winter Production’s literary-themed project, local Jackson business FRAME design co. incorporated the performance’s lead roles into an interior design project that conjoined the expertise of Lily & Company, Katy Gray Photography and Steph-Beauty to produce an end result which then compelled FRAME to partner with Dancers’ Workshop by offering $5,000 dollars towards the Winter Production challenge grant total.

Backing from the business sector bolsters additional support for Dancer’s Workshop from Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Town of Jackson and Teton County Arts For All, Center of Wonder and lodging tax 4JH.

According to data provided by Dancers’ Workshop, revenue from the event accounts for less than half the $120,000 dollar price tag for Winter Production. Should the school successfully raise monies equal to or greater than the $30,000 offer, the challenge would be met and another $30,000 anonymously donated, funding which would be applied toward sustaining performance arts programming like Winter Production.

Recognized as a much loved local tradition, the Winter Production is a professional-level stage performance. The 2019 production “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” represents awarding-winning direction, professional stage work and the efforts of 128 local dancers of all ages. It reaches an estimated 2,500 audience members over its stage run.

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