BREAKING: Jackson Kmart closing as parent company tightens belt

JACKSON, Wyo. – A spokesperson at Transformco, the company that now owns almost all assets of the Sears Holdings Corporation since purchasing them in February 2019, confirmed that the Jackson Kmart store will close early next year.

As merchandise began dwindling from the shelves in recent weeks, the rumors started up again: Was this the end for Jackson’s Kmart? Apparently so. A managerial source at the local retail store who wished remain unnamed said that they have been told to make preparations for liquidation beginning next month and that the store is scheduled to be shuttered by the end of February 2020 at the latest.

Transformco announced an additional 96 store closings today, leaving the company with 182 remaining Kmart and Sears outlets—considered among the chain’s best performing.

“Transformco has faced a difficult retail environment and other challenges. We have been working hard to position Transformco for success by focusing on our competitive strengths and pruning operations that have struggled due to increased competition and other factors,” the company stated in a press release. “We have made the difficult but necessary decision to streamline our operations and close 96 Sears and Kmart stores. Going out of business sales at these stores are expected to begin on December 2.”

The 70,000 square foot Jackson Kmart first opened in 1991. It has been slowly shedding operations in recent years including the ousting of Little Caesars Pizza in 2017 after three years in business at the front of the store. A few months later, the store’s pharmacy disbanded.

Since Kmart declared bankruptcy in 2002, the retail giant has dissolved hundreds of stores across the country. Jackson’s store has survived all such closings until now. As late as last year, store managers said the local store was turning a corner on profitability and the future looked bright.

The landowner of Kmart is Maury Abrams LLC, a California-based real estate management company. There is no word yet on what type of business might take over at the current Kmart location.

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