Bluelight Special: Little Caesars closed by Kmart

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Little Caesars Pizza has been shut down by Kmart. The satellite pizza shop, which opened in 2014, was closed a few weeks ago by corporate.

Little Caesars gone from Kmart in Jackson.

Kmart has a co-brand relationship with Little Caesars dating back to before the retail giant declared bankruptcy in 2002. By coincidence, the two franchises were both founded in Garden City, Michigan—Little Caesars in 1959, and Kmart in 1962.

Despite hundreds of Kmart store closings across the country, Little Caesar’s remains in a virtual dead heat with Papa John’s as the nation’s third-largest pizza chain behind Pizza Hut (#1) and Dominos (#2).

The Jackson Kmart has not only survived store closings in the past but is reportedly one of the more lucrative outlets in the nation. Many attribute that to its lack of local competition.

It took a reported $350,000 to remodel the Kmart in Jackson to accommodate the pizza place three years ago. There are no plans to reopen the pizza store in Jackson.

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