Bona Fide Space-Nerd Superstar Speaks August 19th

Ever shared a glass of champagne and discussed life on other worlds with an Astrobiologist?  Now is your chance!

The renowned space-nerd superstar Dr. David Grinspoon will be delivering an alluring presentation discussing the odds for intelligence outside of the globe and the key to what makes life possible on our own planet: the sun!

“Contrary to what our dear leader believes, climate change is not a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. It is real. This book provides a sobering exploration of how human beings have affected the climate of our planet, but also gives us reason to hope in the end. We need that now.”

– Earth in Human Hands: Shaping Our Planet’s Future, by David Grinspoon

Dr. David Grinspoon, Senior Scientist at Planetary Science Institute, is an astrobiologist and prize-winning author and science communicator. He is a frequent advisor to NASA on space exploration strategy and is on the science team of several active interplanetary spacecraft missions.

He is also an award-winning musician and entertainer, who leads the House Band of the Universe and has been honored with the title “Alpha Geek” by Wired Magazine. His live appearances combine riveting, thought-provoking science with comedy, music and pop-culture references. He has appeared on stage with Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Sara Silverman.

Join Dr. Grinspoon, NASA Astronaut Scott Altman, and Wyoming Stargazing for a once in a lifetime pre-eclipse stargazing celebration on the summit of Snow King Mountain.  Book now and save 15% through August 15th, enter code “ProtectOurSkies”. Click HERE for event details.

Wyoming Stargazing is a 501(c)3 educational organization based in Jackson Wyoming dedicated to educating and inspiring though Wyoming’s extraordinary skies.

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