Are you ready for Human Foosball?

TETON VALLEY, IDA – The barroom game that made everybody forget about pool and pinball for most of the 1980s is making a slight comeback. Foosball tables are now starting to show up again and, more importantly, human foosball is the new thing.

Have you seen this?

The classic soccer table game brought to life is a hoot. And real life foosball is coming to Teton Valley. The event is a fundraiser to benefit the Kotler Ice Arena Capital Campaign sponsored by Teton Valley Foundation.

Grab some family, workmates, teammates—and you’ll need $70 to register a group of six. Preregistration is required to participate.

Human Foosball requires no prior experience, no running, and there isn’t much to know besides “kick the ball toward the goal.”

It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s a bonding experience that will help your community.

WHAT: Human Foosball
WHEN: September 29, 1pm
WHERE: Outside of Teton Valley Foundation’s Kotler Ice Arena
on 380 S Agate in Victor.


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