Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities' new program will help entities in our region work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Photo: Courtesy of Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities

JACKSON, Wyo. — Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities is launching a new program to provide resources and peer support for organizations in the Greater Yellowstone Region to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and prepare for electric vehicle infrastructure projects, the Electric Vehicle Accelerator Partner Program. This program will help entities in our region work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions through electrifying their organization’s vehicles, providing resources for employees to easily drive electric vehicles, and offering greenhouse gas reducing commuting options. We’re hosting the launch of this program next Tuesday, December 14th from 2:00pm-3:00pm. You will hear from others in our region who are already offering some aspects of this program to help provide guidance on getting your own programs started.

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  • Program Introduction, Alicia Cox, Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities
  • Workplace and Public Charging-Johnny Ziem, Assistant Public Works Director, Town of Jackson
  • Employee Opportunities to Drive Electric-Amy Walton, Lower Valley Energy
  • Mobility/Commuter Benefits-Lisa Smith, St. John’s Health
  • Transportation Demand Management program-Candace Mastel, TDM Coordinator, City of Bozeman

Many entities are already doing many of these efforts and this program will provide the platform to share information and accomplishments with peer organizations.