Wyoming, yet again, takes the cake for least populated state

JACKSON, Wyo. — If you’re from Wyoming, or have at least lived in the state for several years, you’ll likely have noticed that Wyomingites pride themselves on being from the least populated state.

Being the 10th largest state in the union, and having the lowest population, means that we have a lot of space for the outdoorsy activities that most Wyomingites love. There are endless places throughout the state where it’s easy to get lost, disconnect, and reflect on the natural state of the world.

Recently, population data was released by the website, HomeSnacks, showing that once again Wyoming ranks #50 in population size. The site measured the current population of Wyoming at 581,024 residents. Vermont ranks as the second-least populated state, but with 43,289 more residents than Wyoming. Alaska, North Dakota, and South Dakota are among the five least populated states.

Did you know?

Though it is often debated, there is a small town in SE Wyoming that holds the claim to fame as the least-populated town in the entire country!

Buford, WY. Population – 1 Photo: Jacob Gore // Buckrail

Buford, WY, located right off Interstate 80 between Cheyenne and Laramie, has a year-round population of one, yes one, person for the entire town.

Read more about Buford, WY here.

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Buckrail @ Jacob

Jacob Gore was born and raised in Cheyenne, the capital city of Wyoming. As a proud Wyomingite, he loves to share his home with visitors from around the world. Spending years in Jackson and Alaska as an interpretive nature guide, he remains a photographer, traveler, storyteller, and avid hobbyist of all-things outdoors. Jacob enjoys bridging the connection between Jackson and the rest of the state.

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