Wyoming tops the list of most driving selfies in the country

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Maybe it’s our stellar scenery, but Wyoming just topped the wrong list. According to new data released this week, the Cowboy State has a selfie-and-driving problem.

The Auto Insurance Center analyzed more than 70,000 Instagram posts from 2016 and 22,2690 already this year tagged #DrivingSelfie, #SelfieWhileDriving, #HopeIDon’tCrash, and other driving selfie-related hashtags. “We looked at where these posts came from, who liked them, and who posted them,” the study’s authors stated. “The results were shocking.”

Wyoming ranked No. 1 for most driving-related posts on Instagram with 43.72 per 100,000 residents. Nevada and Utah came in second and third. The state least distracted by Instagram while driving is Mississippi with 2.48 posts per 100,000 residents.

“After a fatal accident, it can be difficult to determine who was or wasn’t using their phone. However, research has shown cellphones are most likely the cause of over 25 percent of U.S. accidents,” the report stated.

Young adults (age 19-21) are the most likely to be involved in fatal accidents due to cellphone use. Data suggested the place we all use our phones is at a red light, stopped in traffic, or going less than 10 mph. However, nearly 20 percent of respondents admitted to using a cellphone while on the highway. Only 11.7 percent said they “never use their cellphone while driving.”

The reason we check our phones? Looking up directions (73.5% admitted this) tops the list. We also like to change the music (54%), and alert a family member or friend we are on the way or late (37%).

And while distracted driving is a problem around the world, no country has the itch like the US where 47.1% of us have posted driving-related Instagrams compared to the highest next ranking country, the United Kingdom, at 10.1%.

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