JACKSON, WY— “I could never wear that in Jackson.”

Greer Freed and Amberley Baker hear statements like that all the time. But why not? What, they wonder, is holding women back from wearing what they want, when they want?

That question was part of the inspiration for opening their new consignment store, Womenfolk. The shop started as a series of pop-ups this summer, then a rack in Habits. Womenfolk opened the doors to its new storefront December 1.

Womenfolk, Freed and Baker say, is more than your average consignment store. Especially in the west, clothing and style is functional, yes. But it is also sentimental. It is a form of self-expression. Clothes have sentimental value that accrues over lifetimes, even as their sticker value decreases.

Womenfolk is dedicated to preserving that value and that sense of self. It celebrates the women, or Womenfolk, of Jackson past and present. The store combines classic, old-fashioned Western pieces with contemporary treasures.

Freed and Baker are this month’s guests on Buckrail’s new podcast. They detail how clothing connected them with their mothers, and now brings them closer to their daughters. They explain the challenges and rewards of owning a business in Jackson. We talk about nostalgia, and what it means to preserve history.

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Visit Womenfolk Friday-Sunday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. The store is in the little alleyway on Broadway, across the street from Persephone Bakery and next door to Ringholz Gallery. 140 E. Broadway, Jackson, Wyoming 

Photo: Lisa Flood

Shannon is a Wyoming-raised writer and reporter. She just completed a master's in journalism from Boston University. Jackson shaped her into an outdoorswoman, but a love for language and the human condition compels her to write. She believes there's no story too small to tell nor adventure too small to take.