JACKSON, Wyo. — Winter tourism in Jackson Hole is off to a slower start than last year according to lodging occupancy numbers released by the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce today.

Lodging data from the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce reported and projected decreases in occupancy levels for both November and December against numbers from 2021.

The Chamber reported a 15.3% decrease in occupancy from November 2021 to November 2022. This past November’s room revenue was $2,573,220 versus $2,692,865 in 2021. Revenue reflects a -4.5% variance in the average room rate from November 2021.

Similar statistics were seen in December, with the Chamber reporting a 15.5% decrease in occupancy from December 2021 to this year’s “on the books” for December. Room revenue “on the books” for this December is projected at $14, 628, 867 versus $17,326,206 seen in December 2021. Revenue reflects a -6.3% variance in the average room rate from December 2021.

Kent Elliott, director of destination global sales for Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, attributed the decline in occupancy so far this winter to inflation, the strong dollar in Europe and the threat of a recession in 2023.

“With the strong dollar in Europe, many domestic travelers are taking advantage of travel to those areas, while others could be reducing their travel, or perhaps their travel budgets,” said Elliott. “The threat of a recession later in 2023 may also be on the minds of travelers.”

However, Elliott noted that “the recent snowfall compared to other western resorts may be in our favor.”

Additionally, there will be an uptick in occupancies during Christmas week compared to FY20/21.

“Compared to FY19/20, the week of Dec 18 has seen an uptick in occupancies (avg 23% to 50%), Christmas week is on par with FY19/20 but the first week of January we see a drop off in occupancy,” said Elliott. “With occupancies lagging from years past, there is the trickledown effect on Retail and Activity Vendors. As we all know, the past two years here in Jackson have been extremely busy than normal.”

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