Wilson Boat Ramp cleared in preparation for spring

WILSON, WY — Thanks to a day of hard work from the Snake River Fund, the Wilson Boat Ramp is clear and almost ready for use.

Parks and Rec will give the final word to open the ramp when conditions have improved, as snowpack has made access rather difficult and kept most users away. Snake River Fund reported that the Upper Snake River watershed is at 112% of average Snow Water Equivalent — so, there’s still a lot of snow on the ground. But the clearing will significantly speed up the process.

Snake River Fund spent the day on March 27 clearing the road and the boat ramp to access the Snake River with the intention of opening the official access site, protecting resources, and reducing user group conflict. In the near future, three reaches of the Snake River will be accessible including Moose-Wilson, Wilson-South Park and South Park-Astoria.

Keep in mind: protecting the resource is important to the Snake River Fund and the land management agencies. Each agency will determine the appropriate time to fully open the access site based upon local conditions. Please respect all posted closures, gates, and wintering wildlife. Plowing doesn’t equate to instant access, rather sooner access.

Learn more at SnakeRiverFund.org.

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