Wildlife Petting Chart

Following two recent incidents involving human wildlife conflict, Man petting a bison and 9-year-old girl injured by bison the National Park Service has created this satirical chart to diagram what happens when you pet a bison.

The chart goes on to say “National parks offer a unique experience for watching wildlife. Animals in the park are wild–visitors have the amazing opportunity to view animals as they live and interact with each other in their natural homes. But with that privilege comes responsibility. Visitors are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of the animals, too.

Remember to keep your distance, and enjoy your experience watching wildlife. No Touching, no feeding, no harassing.”

Carrie Rosalia has this to say about the chart on Facebook – “I just have to commend whoever just took over the social content for you guys. The content is pure GOLD these days: educational, quippy and just perfectly ‘today’. 🙂 Keep it up, everyone!”

More information about smart wildlife viewing can be found on the National park Service website here.

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