Greg Epstein shares why he's decided to run for re-election. Photo: Greg Epstein

JACKSON, Wyo. — I am a husband, father and small business owner. I was born and raised right here in Jackson Hole. I met my wife here, and my daughter is lucky to get to grow up in such an amazing place. This valley has been home for my family and I for the past 50 years and I care deeply about our community and our future.

During uncertain times like we’ve had this past year, continuity of experienced leadership is paramount. The need for a steady hand at the wheel is why I decided to run again for the Teton County Board of Commissioners.

I believe our community will come together, prevail and be stronger on the other side of this health and economic scare, but it is going to require a collaborative effort and tough decision-making.

My voting record over the past four years has shown that I am a fair, non-partisan and practical leader who is not afraid to ask challenging questions, make difficult decisions and steward essential relationships.

In addition to addressing the health, economic and social impacts of COVID-19 here in Teton County, I will continue to concentrate on the existing thorny issues that affect us day to day.

I will strive for an inclusive, safe, and healthy Jackson Hole by:

Focusing on keeping our friends, neighbors, and employees local, by approving appropriately funded and sited affordable and workforce housing.

Reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT’s) by optimizing the valley’s transportation infrastructure and transit system.

Advocating for healthcare and social services to help those most in need in our community.

Supporting policies that keep wildlife out of harm’s way, improve our water quality and reduce carbon emissions in order to preserve our rich natural ecosystem.

Pushing our local government to be more efficient in its operations and better serve the needs of the people who work here and call this valley home.

Concurrently, I will continue to challenge the status quo of the Teton County Comprehensive Plan and the subsequent policies derived from it in order to ensure a community-first approach for our long-term future.

Visit to learn more about my platform.

Finding solutions for all of these issues will require well-informed insight, thoughtful deliberation and experienced governance to keep the fabric of our community intact as we navigate through uncertain times. I promise to continue the good work we have started and to make the best decisions I can for the good of Teton County, our citizens and workers and our environment.

Please consider my bid for re-election to the Teton County Board of Commissioners, and remember to vote early between now and Election Day on November 3.

Thank you for your support,

Greg Epstein

Balancing Jackson Hole’s Character and Community

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