Whole Grocer introduces Bag Share Program

JACKSON, WY — On the heels of the Town of Jackson’s April 15 implementation of the single-use plastic bag ban, Jackson Whole Grocer just launched a new and related “Bag Share Program.”

The Bag Share program compliments the bag ban and takes our community’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Zero Waste initiatives to another level. The way this program works is simple. Customers can “borrow” a reusable or lightly-used paper bag if they have forgotten theirs. And they can “leave” a bag or two if they have extra reusable or paper bags filling up their car, pantry, garage, etc. There is a dedicated “Bag Share” bin at the registers from which customers can borrow a bag or leave a bag, including both reusable bags and lightly used paper bags. Blue Spruce Cleaners, another earth-friendly oriented business, is partnering with JWG and will be providing laundering services for the bags customers deposit into the program.

The aim of the program is to bolster the overall sustainability efforts surrounding bags beyond just eliminating single-use plastic bags. It is also designed to reduce the number of reusable bags and paper bags being produced and inserted into the waste stream.

“We all have many reusable bags now, which is terrific as they eliminate use of single use bags. This said, think about how much it takes to produce them while also remembering that they will ultimately end up in the landfill or recycling centers also,” said Jackson Whole Grocer owner Jeff Rice.

And, Rice continued, “paper bags have a material carbon foot print during production and recycling. So our intent with the Bag Share program is to reduce the number of reusable and paper bags in circulation as well. We hope the community will embrace this program by borrowing a bag now and by contributing bags when they can.”

For more information about how the Bag Share program please email [email protected] or stop by the customer service desk.

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