JACKSON, Wyo. — This year, improvements on Snow King Mountain will be underway for a second summer in a row as the local hill eyes completion of its new Summit Restaurant as well as an Observatory and Planetarium for the summer of 2023.

“To facilitate these projects [construction crews] will be putting a utility line and trench down the Exhibition run,” said Ryan Stanley, general manager at Snow King. “There will be periodic closures on the trail where the trench is to install a sewer line which will allow for bathrooms and snowmaking on the back side of the mountain.”

This summer however, locals looking for a thrill can expect to catch a ride on the hill’s new zip line and an upgraded alpine slide. In fact, Snow King’s zip line is the steepest in North America.

“We are building a tunnel for our alpine slide, it’s going to a 250 foot long tunnel,” said Stanley.

This tunnel construction will delay the normal slide opening date of May 27 by a couple of weeks added Stanley, but will offer a new experience when it is complete. The tunnel for the alpine slide will also allow the mountain to keep the slide in year round (although rides will only be available in the summer) and continue a new road to the bottom hill on that side.

“We will be connecting the road we put in last year at the bottom of the gondola and at the bottom of the Rafferty lift to form a beginner route,” said Stanley.

More information about what’s to come at Snow King can be found here.

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