WGFD launches new online Wyoming fishing guide

WYOMING — The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) has launched a new interactive fishing guide to help anglers plan fishing pursuits in Wyoming.

“The interactive fishing guide is useful for all anglers,” said Mark Smith, Game and Fish assistant fisheries management supervisor. “For the vast majority of people who want to plan a fishing trip, this tool will answer your top questions.”

Most anglers planning a Wyoming fishing trip want to know four pieces of information: where to go, the species of catchable fish, how to get to the water and what the public access is like. The interactive fishing guide answers all those questions with a few simple clicks.

Users can search by the game fish species they wish to pursue and find corresponding destination waters. Conversely, anglers can search by water and find out what fish they could catch there.

“This is a great feature for finding where just about any water in Wyoming is located,” Smith said. “And, it’s quick for anyone to find the simple information they need to get fishing.”

The key to using the interactive fishing guide is zooming in. When anglers drill down closer to a water, even more information is available such as roads, boat ramps, camping and rest areas. Walk-in fishing and public access areas are also visible by zooming. 

Smith says there are layers of information, so anglers can easily overlook all the details available to them. More information is available by clicking on the access areas, waters or map symbols. A pop-up will appear with details.

“Always check for the arrow in the top right corner of the pop-up. If there’s an arrow, that means there’s further useful information to help you get to a water or plan your trip,” Smith said.

Looking forward to the summer, Smith said he hopes this new tool expands people’s fishing options and encourages anglers to head to locales maybe they’ve only heard about.

“There are easily hundreds of places to fish in Wyoming. With this interactive guide, top-notch fishing is at your fingertips, and we’re looking forward to people venturing out and trying a few different locations,” Smith said.

Remember to review the current fishing regulations before casting a line.

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