JACKSON, Wyo. — Late spring snowstorms have added some water to Jackson Lake, but the reservoir is still far emptier than in years past.

According to data from the Bureau of Reclamation, Jackson Lake is holding roughly 187,000 acre feet of water. It was holding over 700,000 acre feet at the same time last year. The average capacity for this time of year is roughly 482,000.

Water levels in the lake will impact river flows and tributaries. Other states across the west are preparing for another dry summer.

We likely haven’t reached peak fulness yet. As snow continues to melt in the mountains, the reservoir will continue to fill. On average, the lake is the most full in late June/early July.

Shannon is a Wyoming-raised writer and reporter. She just completed a master's in journalism from Boston University. Jackson shaped her into an outdoorswoman, but a love for language and the human condition compels her to write. She believes there's no story too small to tell nor adventure too small to take.