Visitation down in Yellowstone last month

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Yellowstone National Park remains busy this summer but not as busy as previous years. The decline could signal a ‘law of diminishing returns’ effect of overcrowded roads, parking lots, and gateway towns struggling to play host to swarms of tourists.

Yellowstone hosted 936,062 visits in July 2019. That’s a .48 percent decrease from last July when 940,563 came through the gates.

Visitation so far in 2019 is at 2,294,690. That number is down 1.19 percent from the same period last year.

Year-to-date visitation over the last 5 years (through July):
2019 – 2,294,690
2018 – 2,322,270
2017 – 2,316,542
2016 – 2,427,988
2015 – 2,279,557

The continued high level of visitation in the park underscores the importance of planning a Yellowstone adventure ahead of time. Visitors should anticipate delays or limited parking at popular destinations, and check road conditions on the park’s website before they arrive.

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