Victor City Hall (KIFI)

TETON VALLEY, IDA – City Administrator Olivia Goodale recently became concerned with safety issues related to the Victor City Hall building. So much so, that she reached out to the Building Inspector and Fire Marshall to request that City Hall be inspected. Both promptly responded and inspected City Hall the following morning.

The inspection reports brought to light multiple safety concerns including larger issues relating to fire walls separating shop areas from office and public areas, permanent wiring, the ceiling, ventilation, means of egress, and ADA accessibility.

The reports further recommend an engineering analysis of the building’s structural steel frame be performed. That has been scheduled for today. Since receipt of the reports, initial safety precautions are being made including relocation of office staff to different areas within City Hall.

The Victor City Council will consider options to proceed including relocating City administrative and public functions to an alternative location during its meeting on March 13.

“The current City Hall building served Victor well over the past 40 or so years. It met the needs of the community and we can easily say that this building has been used to its full potential,” Mayor Jeff Potter said. “As a city, we have to hold ourselves accountable to health and safety first and foremost, just as we would for any other property.”