JACKSON, Wyo. — Vertical Harvest has named their first CFO, William Morrow, ahead of major expansion plans. The company plans to break ground on a new vertical greenhouse in Westbrook, Maine later this year.

William Morrow, new CFO at Vertical Harvest. Photo: Vertical Harvest

Morrow, previously with Melvin Brewing Company said, “I’m excited to help shape our growth trajectory going forward. There is a tremendous amount of capital flowing into the sector, and I’m honored to guide Vertical Harvest through our Series A raise and beyond.”

The hydroponic vertical farming company also has its sights set on expanding to other U.S cities including, Chicago, Providence and Detroit. Their farming model allows for a 365 growing season in an urban setting, capitalizing on the space available.

Other goals aside from food production in cities include co-locating affordable housing developments with the farms and green energy efforts.

Co-founder and CEO of Vertical Harvest Nona Yehia said Marrow will “be instrumental in structuring the deals that are fueling our expansion plans for 10 farms over the next five years.”

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