JACKSON HOLE, WYO — The Housing Supply Board has narrowed the field of builders to two finalists after an RFP for a workforce housing project at 440 W. Kelly Avenue elicited three proposals.

440 West Kelly Ave. (Teton County GIS)

At its regular meeting on April 9, the Housing Supply Board reviewed the three proposals, passing two of them on for final review and interviews scheduled for Monday, April 22. Design Associated will be interviewed at 2:00pm; Roller/Tack at 3:30pm—both at Town Hall.

The lot was purchased by the Jackson/Teton County Housing Authority in January 2019 after the parcel was part of an upzone to Neighborhood High Density 1 (NH1). That allowed the .31-acre single-family lot to accommodate up to 18 units in three stories (39’ max height).

Both qualifying proposals call for 16-unit apartment complexes.

Design Associates plans to configure its development with 10 one-bedroom units and 6 two-bedroom units ranging from 452 sf to 750 sf each. Design Associates also proposes 24 parking spots and 14 storage closets for bikes.

Artist rendering for 440 W Kelly. (Courtesy J Roller Development/Tack Development)

Roller/Tack is looking at 12 one-bedroom units at 500sf each, and 4 three-bedroom/two-bathroom units at 1,100sf each. Roller/Tack also proposes 18 parking spaces with 16 storage units.

“The concept of our plan is to provide plenty of common area including some gathering space, raise the neighborhood slightly above grade and thus allow the parking below not be completely buried below grade. We are also trying to bring the scale of this development down to be more in line with the surrounding single-family homes,” stated Design Associates in its project description. “All units have access to the common area, large glass doors that open to private balconies, laundry and storage. Construction to meet or exceed LEED Silver qualification.”

Roller/Tack’s project summary stated, “Kelly Place will be designed like a boat, using every inch of space for storage in order to allow the residential areas to be hyper-functional despite their relatively small size. Accessory storage units will be designed and dedicated to accommodate bulky and seasonal items such as skis, camping, fishing gear, etc. Other quality of life amenities such as common bike racks, in-unit washer/ dryer, dishwasher, built-in microwave and garbage disposal will all be standard.”

Artist rendering for 440 W. Kelly. (Courtesy Design Associates)

Several neighbors have expressed their reservation about density coming to W. Kelly.

“I live directly behind the house you guys have bought on Kelly Street. We’ve had a neighborhood meeting and we really hope you guys look at some other options besides a three-story Marriott Hotel in our family community,” one commenter named Lou said at a JIM on April 8. “My family has been in that house since 1978. It’s going to be looking directly into my backyard and we’ll have no privacy at all.”

Others, however, welcome the town and county’s proactive solutions to housing shortages by buying land and soliciting builders as in the case of 174 N. King Street.

“As a long time West Kelly Ave. resident I fully support the new High Density Zoning changes,” wrote Jeff Hinman to electeds. “We don’t need grass in town for Pete’s sake.”