TSS ends partnership with Emerging Leaders Program

JACKSON, WY — In light of recent accusations that SHIFT leaders created a hostile environment for members of the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), Teton Science School announced it will not renew its contract with the Center for Jackson Hole to host SHIFT programs on its campus.

Teton Science School has hosted and helped facilitate the Emerging Leaders Program every year since 2016. But after months of reviewing the relationship, TSS “concluded that [ELP] does not support an inclusive and productive learning environment for its participants.”

TSS Executive Director Chris Agnew said in a press release that the school apologizes for “the trauma that was inflicted by the Emerging Leaders Program. TSS is committed to centering voices of leaders of marginalized identities as they address issues of social and environmental justice.”

“TSS has a deep commitment to managing risk in physical and social landscapes,” the press release said. “Identity-based trauma is a programmatic risk that must be appropriately managed and mitigated. While our educational philosophy rests on a foundational value of continuous improvement, TSS prioritizes participant health and wellbeing over institutional growth.”

Agnew said the school will continue to pursue “inclusion and equity” through other partnerships.

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