Town seeks volunteers for Citizen Review Committee on water/sewer rates

JACKSON, Wyo. — As the Town of Jackson is poised to reevaluate water and sewer rates, it is soliciting volunteers to serve on an advisory committee.

Valuing public input, a key component in the rate study process will be a volunteer Water and Wastewater Rates Citizen Review Committee (CRC) made up of a diverse group of volunteers that represent water and wastewater customers and stakeholders. The CRC will work together during the rate study to provide their input and community perspective.

Interested? If you think you would be a good fit to join this committee email Johnny Ziem, Assistant Public Works Director and Wastewater Treatment Manager, or call at (307) 733-3079.

The mission of the CRC will be to assemble as diverse perspectives that represent our community to evaluate and to advise on the town’s water and wastewater rates and rate structures.

The CRC has three overarching purposes:

  • Provide views that are representative of respective stakeholder groups
  • Provide input on rate structure options and associated customer impacts
  • Formulate a recommendation to the Town Council
  • Agree that the rule of decision is consensus, as described in this charter
  • Remain accessible to the study team for follow-up as needed

CRC members will participate in up to six meetings. CRC members will not send substitutes or proxies.

Meetings will be open to the public, though public comment will not be taken during the meetings. Opportunities for additional public input into the rate study process will be provided through community outreach events, and at a public hearing to be held at the end of the rate study.

The CRC is an advisory group, meaning that its purpose is to review, examine and recommend rate and rate structure changes that meet the rate study objectives that have been defined by the town and are stated in this charter. The Jackson town council is the policymaker. The town council will consider the CRC’s recommendations thoroughly, but ultimately the town council will have the final say in implementation.

The CRC will be made up of 9-15 members to allow for a robust diversity of perspectives and opinions.

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