The Jackson Town Council passed the first reading of an amendment to remove the definition of "family" from the Residential Use rules. Photo: Nick Sulzer // Buckrail

JACKSON, Wyo. — Teton and Lincoln counties in Wyoming along with Teton County, Idaho, have launched a collaborative study to better understand and plan for resident and employee housing in communities, businesses and organizations.

“Housing challenges in our region have reached new heights in recent months and there is a collaborative effort to gather input from local community members about the specifics of what people are facing,” said the Town of Jackson’s Community Engagement Specialist, Susan Scarlata.

Additionally, Jackson/ Teton County Housing Director, April Norton encouraged community members to participate in the study.

“This study will be used as an initial step toward developing more solutions to address community housing needs,” said Norton. “We hope to hear from everyone facing housing challenges in our communities, from employers to employees and residents, so we can fully understand current and future housing needs and preferences.”

The survey takes just ten minutes to complete.

“If you are an employer in Teton County or Lincoln County, Wyoming or Teton County, Idaho, please take 10 minutes to fill out the survey about your business, employment needs, and challenges. We are looking to better understand how housing availability or the lack thereof for employees is impacting businesses and organizations in the area,” said Scarlata.

Click here to take the Employer Survey.

“If you are a local employee working in Teton County or Lincoln County, Wyoming or Teton County, Idaho, please take 10 minutes to fill out the survey about your housing needs, and please share the link below with those you know in the local community. Input from as many community members as possible is critical to help define and address housing needs in our region,” Scarlata said.

Click here to take the Employee/Resident Survey.

Tomar la encuesta de empleados en Español haciendo clic aquí.

These surveys will only take ten minutes and are available in English and Spanish. Contact Wendy Sullivan from WSW Consulting at or 303-570-6702 for more information or any other questions or concerns.

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