Town to Roadhouse Brewery: You are not a bar

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Town officials could discuss tonight actions they may take toward Roadhouse Brewing after receiving numerous complaints the microbrewery’s tasting room has become a full-fledged bar scene.

Issues at the brewery on Gregory Lane include parking violations, non-compliance with its liquor license, zoning violations, and possible building code concerns. Town administrators, after meeting with the Police Department, have sent a letter Roadhouse Brewing Company informing them of the complaints, the evidence supporting the complaints, and the town’s concerns regarding the operation of their tasting room.

Owner Gavin Fine received assured the town council back in March that the tasting room inside the brewing facility was “not a bar, restaurant, tavern or saloon.” Yet the town has received complaints that patrons of the Roadhouse have been using parking spaces designated for other rental tenants and businesses, as well as parking along the roadway on Gregory Lane, to the extent that the tenants of rental properties have had vehicles towed from the property so that they could access their businesses.

Further, town manager Bob McLaurin cites incidents of vomit in front of office entries and safety concerns related to overcrowded parking. “The establishment appears to be operating as a bar, which violates the zoning for the area and is clearly outside the council’s approval and conditions which were added to the liquor license,” he stated.

Grand opening at Roadhouse Brewing this summer. (Roadhouse Brewing Co.)

Roadhouse Brewing received a special microbrewery liquor license to operate a tasting room that councilman Bob Lenz said was basically a bar. The license comes with certain restrictions.

“It looks like a bar, acts like a bar, even though it’s a microbrewery,” Lenz said when the license was issued. “You can call it whatever you want, and if we want to let it in the industrial area that’s fine, but I’m having trouble getting over calling it a tasting room.”

Fine and partner Colby Cox had agreed this past spring before the facility opened to pare down their original plans from 21 seats to 10. They also agreed to operating hours of 4-10pm, and total beer consumption limited to 10% of what the plant produces, annually.

The letter the town sent to Roadhouse Brewing stated that immediate compliance with the conditions of their microbrewery permit approval must occur, all activities related to a bar operation cease, and that no further catering permits would be issued for the premises.

Roadhouse Brewing’s microbrewery liquor license is up for renewal next February. Town could consider then to initiate revocation proceedings “should the operation continue to violate approvals.”

Roadhouse Brewing Co. is the entity that produces a line of beers. The “Tap Room” is the tasting room associated with the brewing plant on Gregory Lane. Q Roadhouse is the restaurant on Teton Village Road. Roadhouse Pub & Eatery is the new bar and grill slated to open at the former site of Town Square Tavern. All operations are owned and operated as the Fine Dining Group.

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