JACKSON, Wyo.— Over two years after its unveiling, The Town Enclosure Pavilion has found a new home in Bozeman Montana, at the Story Mill Community Park.

Crews led by OSM Construction craned and dug out the sculpture from the Center for the Arts Park on Monday, Oct. 5.

As an art space, the Town Enclosure Pavilion welcomed youth and professional dancers, hosted playwrights and rehearsals, and staged poets and spoken word performances. The community practiced flower arranging, yoga, life-drawing, cloud-making, and stargazing within its open walls.

The Town Enclosure Pavilion was born from a collaboration between JH Public Art and the Center for the Art’s 2018 Creative-in-Residence program. The sculpture was designed by CLB, which has offices in Jackson and Bozeman.

At 60 acres, Story Mill Community Park is the City of Bozeman’s largest park. It will welcome the Town Enclosure Pavilion for an unspecified amount of time, for the community to enjoy. Upon conclusion of display in Bozeman, the materials will be shipped back to Jackson and transformed into a kid’s climbing wall at Camp Creek Inn.

The removal and reinstallation are being managed and funded by OSM Construction and CLB architects in partnership with Gallatin Art Crossing.