Town deer need some help getting through this winter

JACKSON, Wyo. — Game managers are keeping a watchful eye on an injured fawn in the Cache Creek area.

The young deer suffered what appears to be a partially chewed off ear as the result of a suspected encounter with a domestic dog. It is a graphic illustration and reminder for pet owners to keep their dogs under control—leash and verbal—at all times while recreating in urban-wildland interfaces like Cache Creek, Game Creek, and the dike.

More than a few deer are frequently spotted in or near town. There are 2-3 deer, for instance, that have been making their winter home in west Jackson around Albertsons, the Maple Way Post Office, and the Flat Creek pathways area. As snow piles up this week and for the rest of the winter, deer in town will be even more prevalent.

Motorists are asked to expect to encounter deer in town, especially along Broadway. As for dog owners, even the most well-behaved dog can surprise its owner with a prey reaction to seeing wildlife. Many a well-trained dog has suddenly come unglued after spying a running deer or elk.

As always, Game and Fish reminds residents to resist feeding deer. This only exacerbates the problem of ungulates hanging around town where they are at increased danger of being struck by a vehicle. Deer also have a much more fickle digestive system than cows or even their kin, elk. They do not process hay very well. The best thing you can do for deer ‘trapped’ in town by winter snow is to give them plenty of space, drive cautiously, leash your dogs, and spread the word.

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