The Town Council met for a regular meeting yesterday, May 16. Photo: Nick Sulzer//Buckrail

JACKSON, Wyo. — After 15 months of virtual meetings due to COVID-19, Town Council voted to return to in-person meetings this week. The public can still weigh in virtually.

Community members who cannot attend meetings in person can still make public comment virtually for all regular, special, and emergency council meetings. Applicants and presenters are also still allowed to participate in meetings remotely.

“I’m really excited about these motions to allow increased participation from community members, which I would suggest is very, very important,” Councilor Jim Rooks said in a press release.

Councilors will be allowed to participate, vote, and be counted as present for a quorum virtually with approval. The Council also discussed the necessary commitment for electeds to not miss too many consecutive meetings. Staff was directed to include the above changes and to bring back some modifications regarding virtual participation for Council members. These changes will continue on a permanent basis and be incorporated into the next update to Council Rules and Procedures.

The same standards for participation, including the ability for virtual comment, will continue to be options for Planning Commission, Design Review Committee, and Board of Examiner meetings going forward as well.

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