Todd Wilkinson’s ‘The New West’ returns to Jackson Hole

The Jackson Hole community has followed Todd Wilkinson’s work for years. He is a widely-published old-school journalist with stories appearing in publications ranging from National Geographic to The Washington Post. He has authored several critically-acclaimed books about scientific whistleblowers, coyotes, media-mogul-turned-bison rancher Ted Turner and even a book, done in collaboration with Jackson’s own renowned nature photographer Tom Mangelsen, about famous grizzly bear mother 399.

Wilkinson, who has a special connection to Jackson Hole, has traveled around the world on assignments and yet he’s become recognized for bringing a special focus to our home region, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. For more than a quarter century, his widely-read column, The New West, appeared in the Jackson Hole News & Guide. Buckrail is happy to announce here that going forward, every week, The New West will be appearing on Tuesdays in Buckrail.

Same as he did in the past, Wilkinson will be bringing a wide lens to what he writes about in his column, from the environment, to issues shaping our economy, arts, culture and people. He has a deep affinity for Jackson Hole. His pieces will explore how issues here affect the wider Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the implications that macro issues in the West have for this valley.

Not long ago, Wilkinson founded a non-profit, on-line news site called Mountain Journal that has attracted a wide following. Buckrail is proud to welcome Todd to our team and publish The New West column for our readers.

—Brian Modena

Jackson Hole is one of the most cosmopolitan small towns in US

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