‘tis the season of w a i t i n g at the Post Office

JACKSON HOLE, WYO –  Buckrail has been hearing from plenty of readers about conditions at the Post Office. In particular, the line for the service desk has reached epic lengths the past few days.

For the uninitiated, the cause of the pause at the PO begins with the unique lack of home delivery in most of Jackson. It’s a long story. That adds to the traffic at the Post Office. Then there is the seasonal crunch.

Your order has shipped!

It’s that time of year. Package delivery in Jackson Hole often means time spent in this line with yellow cards in hand. (Courtesy)

With many of us getting deliveries during the holiday season, private shippers like UPS and FedEx feel the strain. They hire on as much seasonal temp help as they can but eventually what these carriers end up doing is dumping your package at the local post office for what is termed “last mile” delivery.

The problem is we don’t get delivery in Jackson, so even after tracking states “package delivered,” you might spend a few panicked hours wondering if someone swiped your Elf on a Shelf off the porch. Then you remember.

In fact, look closely. Many times a carrier like FedEx or UPS will state package delivered and include your home address or even where on your property it was left. If the package was left at the post office, many times the delivery location will state simply: “Jackson, WY.”

It is what it is, and it is December at the Post Office. That means lines, and employees there ask the public be patient and expect to wait. Buckrail is hearing it’s an hour wait during the heaviest crush.

A yellow slip in your box is usually cause for elation. Nowadays it’s a backstage pass to stare at your phone screen for the next 45 minutes.

Best times to go? First thing in the morning. Avoid the noon, lunchtime rush, and a visit in late afternoon might get you shut out. The cage comes down promptly behind the last one in line.

The Post Office on Maple Way is extending hours for the holiday season. In addition to the usual 8:30am to 5:00, weekdays, the retail desk will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm.


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